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  1. I bought tofu puffs and used half the bag a couple days ago, and put the rest in my fridge resealed. I was inspired to make this and I saw on the bag it says to use up tofu puff 24 hours after opening bag… they smell and look fine? Is there any exception to this rule cause I really wanna use em if they're good to use 😫😫😫 sos lol

  2. Nice to watch and feel connected. Self Quarantine is tough. We are taking care of my granddaughter 3 weeks now so she can work as a nurse in a city hospital. They shut the OR's down last week, so they can use the anesthesia carts as respirators. Now the coming week my daughter is being trained to work with COVID 19 patients. I as scared to death. She said there is so much death. Everyone stay home. Bring our nurses and doctors home alive.

  3. That’s diaper crap!! You seriously don’t know how to cook, nor understand the properties of food and the biology of humans. You look like crap, because you eat crap!

  4. Omg I feel exactly the same about having trouble focusing! I'm a full-time student and I still have coursework and exams but it's so hard to focus 🙁

  5. I need to learn to cook eggplant, it’s been on my to-do list way to long, but that tofu is my favourite I may have to venture out to the store again and see if I can find any. Am I the only person not feeling effected mentally by the isolation? I guess I’m used to spending most of my time alone.

  6. 🌹 Rose 🌹I first started watching you when you went on your rant about your Korean culture and the obsession of losing weight. I would have not normally sat through a 15+ min. rant after getting the point. But your combination of Food, lip smacking ono simple cooking and chatting, surprisingly gets me through. I find it hillarious how you wipe out a pab that seems to be made for 3 😆 and you entice me to cook asian dishes. Love it! I have to get some essentials today at the market and tofu, vegetables, udon is definitely going in the basket. Oh and Kimchi! Its been awhile…I've sorta forgotten about Kimchi. 😆 My dad made excellent Kimchi when I was growing up. You have a natural charm and I love it. Mahalo nui for the inspiration!

  7. It's hard but I'm trying to get out the habit of calling everyone "guys" like it's the preferred/neutral pronoun.

  8. Hey Rose! I'm writing from Italy 💖
    Here restaurants are closed to public BUT many managed to keep working by implementing home deliveries❤ hope this piece of advice helps ❤
    By the way, I love the mushroom-eggplant-tofu puff combination 🤩 it looks DE-LISH!

  9. all gyms, movie theaters, restaurant seating areas are closed here in Ottawa On. only drive-thru are open… So I'm out of a job until they re-open. I'm not sad though. I need a vacation since I worked nights 7 days a week for over 10 years! Except for the time for my hip replacement healing a couple of years ago.

  10. My mom and I UberEats still. We deliver. There aren’t many restaurants remaining open. Burger King, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, pizza places, boba places, Taco Bell… and there are some 24 hour locations for McDonald’s that are actually closing now 😐
    The fear is real out here 🙄
    I’m so over this last month…
    We’re getting a kitten over the weekend and we’re making the money for her 🙃😍 she’s a sweetie and worth it. Reminds us of our cat who just passed.

    I just thought it was funny that McDonald’s does still remain open because apparently there are a lot of people who think that it is essential 😆 same with the pizza places 😆😆😆 ESSENTIAL.
    I worked at McDonald’s, so I know there are actually a lot of people who adore McDonald’s coffee and they are regulars. I don’t know what they would do without it. They probably don’t even really know how to make their own coffee very well lol.

  11. I love your videos honestly im in florida been self quarantined for 11 days now but watching your munching mondays gives me life it feels like being with a friend

  12. How can this not be a good history? Air pollution actually went down because of Covid-19! Years of activism and BS conferences by world leaders resulted in nothing. Check this out
    On top of that, we had learnt to make do with what we can get at the stores and to get essential items, we learnt how vulnerable we are against viruses, we learnt to practice better hygiene, we saved money from not going out, we have more 'me' time by avoiding social contact. Our mother Earth actually gets to take a break from humanity. So yes, to me this is good history, a lesson for us and future generations.

  13. It's storming here. And I need something to watch. I love your videos. That looked too good. I need to eat more eggplants. I like those too. Lentils. No tofu for this girl. I wish we had mushrooms like that.☺️ our hair salons are closing down now here in Mo.Stay safe up there in Canada. I hope this virus doesn't last very long either.

  14. I'm having those same focus issues. My biggest worry is because I did travel over the last few days, so I got that paranoia too! Cannot focus at all.

  15. My therapist says to physical distancing, but to use technology to socialize, so there isn’t a mental health crisis on the downside of this. I had a dinner date with a friend via FaceTime.

  16. I need to know where you got a tamari that big!!! I go through so much and can't have soy sauce because I have celiac!

  17. Rose I love you! But you look so far away the last couple of videos I’ve watched 😩. And, contrary to others, I love hearing you chew. It makes me want to make some food for m’aself!!

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