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Easy Vegan Recipes Using KALE That Don't Suck

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  1. I was wondering why your version of tofu scramble was such a small portion. Then I realized I'm a fat ass and I usually use a whole block of tofu as one portion. For my self lol 😂😂

  2. Oy! Remember to “chop your greens first”, if you plan to cook them. 😃 That sweet, sweet sulforaphane is heat resistant, but the enzyme that creates it, myrosinase, is not. So, if you’re eating greens raw, then boom! You’re allowing the myrosinase to do it’s thing, and create sulforaphane right in your body. But if you cook the greens before sulforaphane is created, the myrosinase will be destroyed by the heat, and you’ll be left with none of that sweet, sweet sulforaphane. 😔

    So, if you plan to cook greens, chop them first, and let them sit for 25+ minutes. 😃 Get the most out of your greens! (Yeah…and consume with citrus. I recommend kiwi.)

  3. This video was well timed for me as I have low iron levels at the moment so I have been eating Kale every day with lemon and I also use orange juice too to enhance the absorption of iron.

  4. I love trying your recipes! I'm not Vegan but am trying to have more plant based foods on my healthy weight journey! These videos make it so much easier to keep motivated and proves plant based eating does not have to be bland and boring! ❤️

  5. I love kale salad alone with just a little salt and lemon juice, but i'll try the one with edamames (without the sweetener bc 🤢), and the one with tofu 😋

  6. Hi CLV; Recipe request: vegan Korean black bean noodle. A Korean restaurant in Seattle I used to frequent when I was omny made an utterly delicious one. However, they made it with pork. I'd love to see you tackle this. Recipes for all those little sides they serve in Korean restaurants would be great too. Love those sesame bean sprouts.

  7. Vitamin C is very heat sensitive. If you want vitamin c you should add the lemon once you have plated the pasta. Just so you know.

  8. Hi Rose. You asked on Instagram for good reputable resources so you could investigate the situation in Israel.
    😊❤️ so glad you are asking. Here's 7 brilliant programs via on what is happening for Palestinians. Please note it is much worse than apartheid was in Sth Africa. Look up the hashtag #BDS and check out Jewish Voice for Peace.

    Here are the amazing independent journalist programs on the plight of Palestinians.
    Please also watch the amazing docu-film by Abby Martin. "Gaza Fights for Freedom"
    Much love

  9. Just a heads up for any Vegans who like to drink. Most Alcohol is filtered through fish liver, so definitely look for Vegan Alchohol.
    I found this out while I was looking for vegan sculpting clay and paint….because for some reason sculpting clay has animal products???

  10. It there anyway to stop the kale stems from becoming stringy? I want to use them bc I don't like wasting food but somehow no matter how I cook them they're so stringy I can't swallow them

  11. I love you so much rose!❤️ you inspired me to create my own vegan cooking channel. If anyone wants to support me I would be so grateful🥰 keep shining and inspiring✨

  12. Love this video, I just bought a bag of kale, and you are right, I should make some scrambled tofu with it! Also just a heads-up up: it's actually spelled aGlio lol The dish is actually called aglio, olio e peperoncino. Peperoncino means red chili pepper. If you add some cayenne powder or even the smallest amount of any other hot pepper alongside the garlic, it's gonna taste even better 🙂

  13. I don't usually comment stuff like this, but thank you so much for the meal inspiration. My decision to cut back on eating meat even as far as I have has been met with so much friction with the people in my life and I have no one irl that really understands why. Your videos have helped me feel less alone on my journey and given me so many amazing meal ideas. I hope that one day I can go full vegan and be my authentic self. Much love from the USA and keep these videos coming!

  14. Scrambled tofu and kale is my go to. Perfect combo. I use turmeric, peanut butter, cumin, cayenne, garlic and onion powder in mine. Also carrots add great color and texture.

  15. I just love Greens, but kale has been a favorite since I was a kid. I like the recipes here, since they aren't complicated and don't try to hide the kale with other stuff. You go, Rose!

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