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Learn how to make a green dragon sushi roll that is easy, delicious, and vegan! LAY HO MA everyone! Sushi is one of my absolute favourite things to make and …

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  1. You made that look so doable!!!! I was just going to get one of those sushi plastic thingies on Amazon, lol🤣😂! It looks so delicious and maybe I can get my husband to like sushi too with the rice on the outside and being that it's VEGAN, oh yeah!!!! Thanks again Wil for another awesome recipe and tutorial video done in your flawless way!!!! On to another one of your videos, binge watching, Im new I have to catch up, 🧑🏻‍🍳😁!!!! I have a feeling that I'm going to find your videos worth watching many times over once I've finished watching all of them!!!!

  2. I can't believe this video only has 3k views, it really deserves so much more, especially regarding all the work behind! Great recipe, great quality and great editing.

  3. How do you not have more followers. Your channel is amazing. I so want to try this roll and then experiment more with chickpeas with a spicy mayo (vegan of course). Genius idea Will. Thank you!

  4. I have tried making sushi many times before but how can I avoid the nori from being too damp…? I make sure the rice is cooled down and I’ve also tried roasting the nori first. It either gets too crunchy or it still feels damp and then hard to chew on 🙁

  5. Your handling of the sushi is so gentle! It’s great because the loosely packed sushi rice is the best texture contrary to a tightly packed one. I also like to use chopped tofu (mixed with vegan mayo/sriracha/green onions/sesame oil) as sushi filling because of the soft texture 🙂
    I haven’t made sushi in years, thanks to a restaurant near by that offers a full page of vegan sushi! They even have vegan Ikura! It’s called Blue Sushi in Dallas/Fort Worth.

  6. You have such a calm warm voice pleasant to listen to and very clear to understand. your recipes are simple and look delicious and inviting you to also try your recipes. It is wonderful to cook without too much fuss

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