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Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner in Under 2 HOURS! 🦃

Today I’m going to show you how to use the Google Home Mini to help you make a delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Feast, all in …

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  1. I'm annoyed to the fact that I still had to click on a site to get the actual measurements to the spices for some of the ingredients when it should have been in your bottom post of your video.

  2. THANKK YOU for this because I just became vegan about two months ago and my family was just auguring with me saying I'm going to be tough to cook for on hoildays, and now I can just show them this !!! life saver

  3. Had my 1st vegan Thanksgiving (been vegetarian for 12 years prior) and it was yummy!!! I’m the only vegan in my family so I had to cook everything but I impressed everyone with not only delicious food but I did a whole feast plus two desserts for around $20! Plus, I got to tell a few new people why I choose to go vegan in a kind, non preaching way and one of them was really interested in doing some research so maybe I helped save future animals by planting a seed… wink, wink!!!

  4. I love this! I`m not vegan (but vegetarian) and I am constantly on the hunt for plant-based recipes! I love how you show that being vegan does not necessarily mean your're spending a horrendous amount of money on food! I love your videos!

  5. This was my favorite video in quite some time! Great job, your recipes looked delicious, and I loved how they were based on whole plant foods! I also thought you did a tasteful job with your partnership with Google (I preferred this style compared to when you pair with thrive market so that it doesn't change the content of your videos). Keep it up, this really was such a great video!

  6. Hey gang! I’m having a bit of cognitive dissonance as of late. Last week my auntie Junipaeda got stranded on an island when her boat sunk and had to survive on this island (which was more of a sand bar than anything) for over 3 days!!! He boat had a fishing pole in it- for catch and release only! And she used it to catch a fish AND EAT IT. Surely she could’ve toughed it out. We are both very very vegan but I’m thinking she maybe broke the code. Should I still get her Christmas presents? Any advice would be much appreciated! Yay PETA!

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