Egg 65 | How To Make Anda 65 At Home | Egg Fritters | Egg Snack Recipe By Varun Inamdar

अंडा 65 | एग 65 | Egg 65 Recipe | Homemade Egg 65 Recipe | Anda 65 Recipe | Egg Recipe | Hot & Spicy Egg 65 | Egg 65 fry | Anda bhaji | Egg Fritter | Egg …

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  1. Sir I are really gud at your work very nicely u explain everything. by inspiring from u only i have started my channel also…iwill try my best to become like u sir

  2. This is the first time I saw ur video diffferent receipes I like this video and way of cooking now I am very mouthtasting and I cannot control my mouthering.i will try and how will taste come out.

  3. Hi chef, I don't know if your gonna read this…but I tried a vegan version of the egg 65 using tofu. I used besan for binding instead of egg… And I must tell u, it was pretty good..thank you so much!
    I blindly trust your recipes… So it would be really awesome if you u could show us some vegan Indian specials.
    Thank you in advance!

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