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Join me on a walk through the English countryside. Also see the food, wardrobe, and travel essentials I have been enjoying on …

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  1. Yay! So glad you're vlogging on your holiday. Loved seeing all of the things! When I first saw you walking in the woods I thought, wow she really does wear the same thing but then you mentioned you weren't dressed appropriately but I thought it looked very much like you. Thanks for taking us along on your enchanted adventures abroad. Sorry for your loss.

  2. What I really enjoyed was the hybrid video – part recorded video with a voice over and part in-person. It was like getting the best of both of your approaches to vlogging. Continuing to hold your family with gentle thoughts during this sacred time for you and yours.

  3. Hi Jennifer
    I’m so sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your father in law.
    I love your channel and what you share with us. Like you I am loving my yogurt for brunch with berries, chia seeds, walnuts, pecans and sunflower seeds. Very yummy.
    The taramasalata dip you have been enjoying is known as a caviar dip and is very Greek.
    This is a very popular dip in Australia which is where I am from.
    Looking forward to your next video.
    Thanks for sharing your holiday time with us.

  4. You rly shouldnt take Any any yoghurt
    AT ALL that will increase your bloofld sugar as much as alchohool. I keep remimding how important is your presence in January in Brazil

  5. TED confere
    Wear less calotes…
    Nevermind Just get go clothes
    I try and kedp less to my choices
    Less coices is freedom
    Perhaps my style of life
    Dont translate
    To some "dorm life"

  6. Beauty is bathing things in olive oil in The microwave beadore serving. Sure zJennifwr already said that, But it is our parte tô forecast the mood of our famly. Thank you tô you Jennifer. Your wardrobe whats that name. That conference you attrnded tô.

  7. You fit so many interesting things into one Vlog, Jennifer. Thank you! I enjoyed it all. Your words and walk down the path to the lake set a peaceful tone at the beginning. I’m really impressed with the jewelry case. I use little cases that individual necklaces or pieces of jewelry come in, but the necklaces tend to get tangled. I loved every bit about your breakfasts. We were particularly impressed with the different types of bacon (and their descriptive names) when we were in England. I must admit, that I thoroughly enjoyed the full British breakfasts at our Bed & Breakfast over there. Ever since we were there I occasionally will prepare the mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast or a side dish. I never tried the black pudding!
    I always like seeing you in your APC dress. Your refrigerator and closet tours were enjoyable. I continue to pray for you all. Lovingly, Paula

  8. Hi Jennifer! Welcome to England and sorry to hear about your father-in-law! I was wondering… how do you make sure that you don't forget to eat/finish some of the foods at the back of your fridge? Looking for tips for avoiding food waste but when I fill my fridge with yoghurts and fruit, we end up having to throw some!

  9. Thank you for posting at this difficult time Jennifer. The foods are so interesting. I love the thought of fresh fruits and yogurts and cheeses from the countryside. Do you have those for tea?

  10. Lovely video Jennifer! I loved the introduction you have done: it made me thinking about the different paths we take in life and the journey we make!
    I've noticed that you had some greek products for breakfast: yoghourt and taramosalata. Taramosalata is a greek salad made by fish eggs like caviar, and it is traditionally eaten during the fasts (we have a lot throughout the year as orthodoxies). We have it for breakfast, with bread and olives ( I am sorry to inform you that it doesn't matches with sweet jams or marmelades….) and as a starter (we called it "meze", like "tapas" in Spanish) with olives, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and we drink ouzo or tsipouro.
    Enjoy your staying in England and if you find more greek products, let me- us know!
    I suggest a visit to Greece is necessary!

  11. Hi Jennifer, I think Europeans understand the attraction of foreign grocery stores very well, because we go abroad more often on account of our countries being smaller. It’s one of my favourite holiday experiences and I often take herbs home with me

  12. A lovely video, and you look beautiful in your well-chosen outfits. It's wonderful to see you enjoying England so much, from the yoghurt to the countryside. I saw that you'd bought a plant-based yoghurt – as I'm vegan I eat the Alpro yoghurts frequently. The Alpro Greek yoghurt is delicious. I wonder, have you ever visited the Lake District? Here in the northwest of England there are some unforgettable places.

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one intrigue by foreign supermarkets 😂 I'm Australian and we have our brands that we've all grown up with, and I find it really interesting to see what other foods and brands people from other countries have grown up with.

  14. Oh Jennifer! The opening was just beautiful and moving. I watched it twice 🙂 I'm a bit late in getting to your videos of the past few weeks as I, myself, recently returned from England but wanted to reach out and extend love and peace to you and your family for all you have been through. You look so much stronger now than a few weeks ago and sending blessings to you, Ben, the kids, and your mother-in-law. Lovely video and thinking of you all.

  15. Hi Jennifer, taramosalata is a Greek spread made of fish roe – it IS delicious! I love going to foreign supermarkets, I always love to bring something back to remind me of the trip. We'll be heading to Scotland soon – it's not foreign to me, I was born there but I don't get back that often, so I love seeing what's new in the supermarkets. I find that in Britain especially the supermarkets are very innovative, so many interesting products.
    My condolences on the loss of your father-in-law, I'm sure that your mother-in-law is grateful to have the family around her at this time.

  16. Thanks for sharing Jennifer! I LOVED seeing your fridge! I love going to supermarkets around the world. It is SO interesting! I use a jewelry wrap for traveling which fits in your case just like clothing. Enjoy the rest of your stay XX

  17. You can get Taramasalata (also called Tarama) – a red caviar spread – in California. Just go to a Greek, Middle Eastern or Armenian grocery store. You should find it in a jar in the refrigerated section, made by Krinos. You can add olive oil, mix, and then add fresh lemon juice, mixing them in alternately until you get the right amount of tang and fluffiness you like.

  18. I have so much respect respect you, Jennifer, especially vlogging so gracefully in a difficult time. Loved seeing your capsule wardrobe adapted for England as I often wonder what you would wear in our unpredictable weather. I hope one day you might be able to visit Scotland too, I think you would love it in Autumn especially….

  19. Love these vlogs! Is the home where you’re at the same as where your mother in law lives or your 2nd home or something else? I’m confused. Loved the tour and yes, the monkey room is my fave too!

  20. Hi Jennifer, Your breakfasts look delicious. I have Greek Yogurt most mornings with a little fruit, handful of almonds, a little cereal, some cinnamon and a splash or real maple syrup because the Yogurt is sour. The British Greek Yogurt looked really good. Love seeing the English countryside and your wardrobe. So sorry that your father in law passed. You have honored him so lovingly. xoxo, Karen

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