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MY Name is Kisha, On July 27th 2016 I started my weight loss journey I documented it here on my YouTube channel for my subscribers to watch, in less then 2 …

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  1. Hey Boo’s!
    I understand this video may offend some, but The truth hurts sometimes and the narrative society is starting to spin is DANGEROUS for this generation and other generations to come. And before ANYONE say anything about any surgeries REMEMBER I had surgery AFTER I lost 90 pounds NATURALLY!!! My plastic surgery was just the finishing touches to my body, so… to those who support me I appreciate you! Don’t forget to leave me some good vibes in the comments🌹

  2. Omg this Video is so funny but so true. I have watch many weight loss videos but noone has ever spoke so truthfully like you did in this video. We all need to know Being fat is not ok.

  3. Love your videos😊💘 pray for me on my journey. Due to health conditions it has become very difficult for me to walk, when I used to walk at least 4 to 5 miles a day I lost a total of 130 lbs. In a year. I have gained 80 of it back and have been trying for two years to get this weight back off. I'm so depressed about this I've tried everything and nothing works for me anymore but I'm not giving up. I want my SEXY BACK!! Thank you for your motivation. With God and your inspiration I'm going to succeed😊

  4. Hey Kisha,
    The people that keep bringing up your surgery must not have been around that long, you were busting your ass working out every day, eating right & you weren’t seeing any results in your waist line, or your butt, that’s the only reason you got your Brazilian butt lift, & it was worth it you look amazing. Some of these girls are out here getting these Brazilian butt lift’s, when they don’t need it, all they need to do is work hard like you did and eat right. I’m so glad you are being brutally honest about obesity, I remember how hard it was getting out of my bed in the morning when I was over weight it was painful, & you’re right it is not fun looking down and not being able to see your vagina because of your belly being in the way. Thank you for keeping it real, I enjoyed your video! 🌹🌹🌹🌹 I watched it when you uploaded it I just didn’t get a chance to comment, so here I am sis.

  5. I love videos like this! You get right to the point and keep it real! I’m so happy I found your channel! I have been skinny my whole life but after I had my son I got thick man😂 I just need to lose 30lbs and I think I’ll be comfortable With my body. I’ve got a beach trip in a little over a month so fingers crossed🤞

  6. I'm on my own personal journey.. tomorrow is my weigh in day but I've lost 10lbs in 4 weeks. I'm excited. I've gotten my grandmother and mother started and we're headed towards healthy.

    Black people definitely need to have the conversation.. we need to grab the reigns. This message was loud, clear and FACTS

  7. I just Love to watch yr videos before ,I go and workout.
    You Motivate me alot, you make me feel like if I can lose all my weight in one day lol, which I know that is not really Possible. But you just give me a vibe not to give up and just keep going. And i u thank you for that❤

  8. I been saying this Kisha these women be letting men tell them that their thick nooooo thats fat I'm on the heavy side but I'm portion right but I hate men say that I'm thick,thank you but no sir I'm fat

  9. It takes courage to come on here and tell it like it is. People will be offended but myself included when you take all the fat positive platforms away that you see today and see the truth we have to want to be healthier . My husbands I’d marry me this way but if I’m honest we both deserve the best of one another and being healthy is a part of that! Keep encouraging Kisha. I just going your channel and I like what you’re doing.

  10. I appreciate you for being honest. I was at my heaviest at 178. I lost 17 pounds and my co-workers are saying that I’m too skinny. I just smile and keep doing me. My health is more important.

  11. I hate being fat I cant even look in the mirrior 210 this is the biggest I ever been I done got like three diffrent waist trimmers and they keep rolling down bc of my rolls in the back what is the best waist trimmer that actually stay in place and dont keep rolling down? My friend told me to try the goli vitimins and I bought a treadmill that I been walking on for two days now but sis I want to at least be in a M I'm wearing a 3xx right now 😪😔 Helpppp…

  12. Girl you’re right ! A lot of women and men have convinced themselves that being overweight is okay only because they don’t want to put in the hard work that’s required to get to that healthy place in their lives.

  13. yes ma’am 👏🏾! i needed to hear this! just started my weight loss journey while going plant based and came across your channel. you’re amazing and inspirational 💖 thank you for this video, you better preach 💃🏾✨

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