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EPIC Dollar Tree Haul – Healthy Food At Extreme Budget Prices!

I’ve been reading the comments lately and seen a big demand for budget grocery and food hauls. So I took a trip to Dollar Tree on the northside of chicago and …

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  1. Loved the video, but I have a thing to point out: "Naturally occurring MSG" doesn't exist. What we do have in nature is glutamate, the compound responsible for the "umami" flavor of soy sauce, dashi, the parmigian+tomato sauce combo, which is not linked to the same effects atributtable to monosodium glutamate (the salt of glutamate).

  2. I too love the $ store but I do have one problem…and that is trying to find items NOT made in China 🇨🇳❗️. Very difficult if you’re trying to boycott goods from China, which are sub standard, or unhealthy (just watch documentaries of the conditions in their factories). . I say this because we need to bring back manufacturing companies to the U.S. it’s sad when on a very limited budget that affordable goods leave little choice but to make purchases from China 😢

  3. Hi Bobby 👋👋😊😀👋. I'm glad that you're staying safe and healthy congratulations on your beautiful baby girl haven't seen your show in awhile so I didn't know that you know you had had a baby so that's wonderful great news 😇😇😇😎💯💯💯😇😀✔️❤️💚😊♥️❤️💚. I would like for you to do a show that shows the different cooking oils like macadamia Brazilian nut safflower seed sunflower seed oil apricot oil and jojoba oil when it comes to using for skin and avocado oil I'm of the mindset if you can't eat it you should not use it on your skin I don't care for the taste of olive oil and I've seen your form of video that deals with a few that you've gotten from all these but they are stores like Meijer that sell a organic pure unrefined sunflower seed oil that is super awesome and then there is a macadamia nut and a Brazilian not safflower seed oil and a hazelnut and walnut oils and unrefined peanut oil that in case those of us who love the different variety of oils even hickory nut oil what you will mostly find in the south.I would love for you to review and do a show on what you feel their calorie intake and how it can be when you're cooking or grilling or microwaving your frozen veggies or raw veggies I'm getting more slowly into a lot of vegetarian and I like different cooking oils but I detest olive oil coconut oil is okay from time to time but I really my favorite is Macadamia , 🥑 Safflower, Sunflower seed , Avocado oil ,and Brazilian nut, those are my ultimate favorites.. please do a show on these I would really appreciate them being spoke on and talked about. Finally what do you recommend as the best cookware that is healthy for our bodies Cuisinart stainless steel, good old-fashioned cast-iron , or porcelain enamel cast iron, as opposed to the new scratch free Copper Teflon🤢🤢🤢😤🤔🤐😵💰💸💸🤐🧐🤫💯😎

  4. Dollar store give you small amount , so you don’t get any think cheap ! You have to be very careful when shopping there .and not everybody like seaweed, cut off the carbs Bobby 😏

  5. Drinking game – take a drink every time he kisses the baby! 😀 Seriously though, I bought one of those knives and I can't recommend them. The metal is weak so the knife wobbles as you cut.

  6. Ok I cant focus on the video… the BABY is so cute!!! im over here baby talking to the baby! lol this quarantine does not allow me to see my baby nephew/Godson =0(

  7. Do more dollar tree food like this
    It is really helpful I always buy food from there
    For my kids because we are on budget
    Thanks for sharing

  8. I have bought the kitchen tools there and they are ok to take camping or another situation where you don't want to risk your good tools. For regular use, they are garbage. The inside edge of the tongs handle is way sharper than the knife, sliced myself open on it when washing it. The knife was so dull that the potato I was trying to cut rolled which would have been dangerous with a better knife. Last but not least the whisk, the wires fall out of the handle after a little use.

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