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  1. Only just subscribed. Am not vegan, but am on a tip of learning more veggie and vegan dishes to cook for my friends, as well as myself on occasion.

    Just a quick message to say "Hi", that you seem like a really good lad, and I'm absolutely chuffed for you, getting out there and living the life. Well done, and I wish you the best of luck in going further. Will be watching through all your vids – the pot pies with filo pastry looked immense.

  2. This guy lost so much weight, just look back to his videos 2-3 years ago. Unless it was his goal, he doesn't look healthy. I hope he enjoys it, looks like he does! Although to me it will always look strange how vegans will always try to recreate meat dishes, like you subconsciously crave it. And all that soy… Makes men look so effeminate after a while. But to everyone their own, I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. "I hate that word bitty. But you know what I mean". Nope. I am American scratching my head at that but I do love this video and cannot wait to try this!

  4. yea its a nice gimmick and probably tasty. but why would you so badly want you vegan food to look like roasted meat?? either go full vegan or go back to eating meat if you miss it so.

  5. Bonus fact for my fellow Americans: Peng is slang for good/attractive. I've also heard it used as an onomatopoeia in place of "bang" like a gunshot.

  6. Your recipes and videos are wonderful. But I HATE it that you always saying 'meaty, meaty, meaty'. I suppose its your USP. Can't you just say 'tasty'?

  7. Wow… so much negativity in the comments. He did what he did. If you don't like it, move on. Better yet, start your own channel and grow it to 1,000 subscribers and see how difficult it is. Maybe then you'd appreciate this young man's efforts.
    Human beings make things difficult for themselves for no reason at all. Why watchva Vegan recipe if you're not interested in Vegan food? Don't give yourselves high blood pressure over a recipe. Just. Move. On. Gaz, you're doing an awesome job. Keep 'em coming.

  8. Great chef. Sadly, anything that resembles meat and blood is completely offputting to me. Even though I know it’s watermelon, I still cannot get past that mental block

  9. BRO YOU CHANNEL IS AMAZING 😍 But I have searched for a wild rice recipe and cannot find one can you make one in near futureI think that eould be awesome maybe Wild rice oriental inspired risotto 👳‍♂️🐼🌾🌾

  10. Did you reuplade it because the video wasn't going too well? I thought there would be multiple recipes, so it's a little bit misleading. But I gladly watch it again : )

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