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Epsom Salt for Plants and Other Gardening Questions Answered! Garden Tips and Myths.

FAQ FRIDAY… Answering the most asked questions of the past two weeks. Digital Table Of Contents 4:23 Spider Mites 5:40 Tomatoes in Containers 6:22 …

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  1. Help … I started potatoes in buckets after watching you potato bucket video. They are 2.5 to 3 feet out of the buckets 😳😃. Do they need to be trellised/supported?

  2. Can you please discuss the efficacies and possible pitfalls of using Hydrogen Peroxide as fungal treatment and disease control on plants? I have read a couple of articles and watched one video on youtube but I am not totally convinced. Thanks and good health to you.

  3. Your gardening info is the best. You inspire me to try growing different things besides tomatoes. I am going to try using neem oil and bt for pests. Love seeing the chickens and I noticed a turtle swimming in the pond. Sorry to hear about your health issues . Prayers and best wishes.

  4. This was a really informative video! I ordeted the Neptunes Harvest Tomato and Veg as I was looking for something that wouldnt burn my plants. I also found the pepper pruning advice very helpful ! Thanks for making these videos!

  5. I live on the Chesapeake Bay in coastal Virginia, and am retired to the limits of Social Security.
    Lots of Blue crab, oysters and clam houses and shipping from here, along with fish and ETC. Although we are trying to reestablish the grasses in the bay to help with all the nutrients being dumped from the thousand miles of farms dumping fertilizers and run-off in the water that are causing massive algae blooms and oxygen dead zones….
    Use the Neptune Products but was wondering if I found some sources for some of the other locally available ingredients, how would I process and which would I use to supplement the garden with the Neptunes products? (not to take business away from that company) but I am not above saving money for a little shrimp or flounder or backfin or local oysters, clams and drawn butter every now and again. We get scallop boats too. My Doc would have a fit if he saw this!
    Got a menu and process I could use to recycle local available stuff and how to apply to supplement when I come across some of the local shells and things?
    We haven't been able to keep the lobbyist from Texas to stop dumping so much money into the politicians pockets to stop the stripping of the bay of the oh so important Menhaden, Virginia is the only East Coast state that allows it – and the Bay is the most important nursery for them and for so much of the oceans health.
    Curse you Texas companies and those Virginia politicians taking your money.

  6. Well done and congrats on the award. We like the way you present your topics, and your voice. So many folk on youtube have an annoying accent or speech problem. Neem oil is banned in Canada and the UK.

  7. I have raised beds and purchased garden soil. It is full of ants that are eating my basil leaves. What can I use to get rid of the ants and not harm my tomatoes and basil plants. Thank you. I am enjoying the channel.

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