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I spent $10 at Aldi, and was able to create these budget meals for my family of 5! These were not only extremely budget friendly, but super tasty as well!

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  1. I buy happy chickens. I don't like factory farmed foods.

    I'm gonna start with eating less and cooking good balanced dishes. Gonna limit the sugar.

  2. I do those things with chicken but now I have the added challenges of no water (for 2 months..trying to figure out a way to get it repaired) and my fridge died 2 days ago. 🙄 So trust me I will be using these recipes! We just have canned veggies with a meat right now for meals! Bought evaporated milk for recipes. Life keeps it interesting for sure!😂

  3. Love the food ideas, but also wanted to pop by to say the filming and editing quality of your videos is top notch! I really enjoy the different shots and angles you use

  4. Save your pasta water to thin out sauces with and to help bind whatever you are making with the noodles, so much better and easier overall! That starchy water becomes your new friend.

  5. I throw away a lot of the ends of carrots and onions. I had no idea I could use them to make broth. I am definitely going to try this. And yes I always threw my bones away too

  6. I swear. I watch you n fit frugal mom and i thought you two were the same person for 2 days straight haha you guys could be sisters the way you have common features n videos <3

  7. I love these videos, the give me so much inspiration for when I get my own place. Also the prices at your Aldi are about the same as mine and I live in Ca.

  8. I have watched a few of your videos now and I have to say I like the idea but you always cheat. You say you are only using what you brought with the exception of pantry staples. So the cost is actually more than you claim. I am sorry but I don't keep fresh garlic onions and other items that you used. This maybe your everyday but not everyone has these items

  9. I've never thought to puree the veggies from stock to use them in soup – nice! And yeah, I always roll my eyes at the people who have to point out that they "could never get things at x price where they live." 🙂

  10. Love these just cook 4 pounds of chicken legg quarters deboned it and also made brouth will make these 3 meals thanks God bless you and your family 👪😊☺🙏

  11. Hi Mindy. Your soup looks nice however like you say it does not look like a full mealalthough it was an expensive I would be hungry in a little while after eating even a large bowl of it. also where is your presentation if your locked down like we are here we have all the time in the world after preparing food to make it look kind of cool for children you know putting crispy things on top little garnishing we have the time so why not make it look as good as a tastes. How about a cook-off. Let's keep it under $3 or $5 whatever you suggest you give me a list of ingredients and I will buy the same. let's see what we make and I can make maybe more than one course and make it look nice what do you say. We can play for a dollar if you like. Best wishes. Mike ps. Stroganoff generally means cooked with ketchup….

  12. I’ve never thought to use a crock pot to cook a whole chicken. What a great idea. Also smart to purée the leftover veggies for the soup! What a creative mama 🙂

  13. I just found and am binge watching all of your videos and wanted to say YOU ARE AMAZING! 💛 I really appreciate how kind and thoughtful you are in sharing these creative recipes!

  14. I take back everything I’ve said about stay at home moms.
    This is a full time job.
    If you can find a WIFE like this, you are a blessed man/husband/father.
    Making every penny count for meals, stretching money, saving hard earned $….. you are a blessed man and need to thank god for what you have.

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