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Famous FRIED CHICKEN!! 🍗 Mountain Lodge Tour + Dinner & Breakfast in Nan (น่าน), Thailand!

Nan (น่าน), Thailand – Welcome to Nan, one of the most beautiful and relaxing provinces in northern Thailand. On this trip we visited Bo Kluea (บ่อเกลือ), which is …

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  1. Peace and Love Brotha….Pleace come back to enhance Seattle food. Our city has taken a major hit of Covid theatrics. I really thing your LOVE will help us revive. Thanks Mark.

  2. Omg my family lives there in that part of thailand awes it's so beautiful the rice fields 🙌🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍

  3. Juz mnie nudzi to…tez moge pokazac jak jem…
    Szczesciarz ze mieszkasz tam.,.Bo Bez wyjazdow bylo by nudno
    Juz jest…przestalam ogladac..I moja rodzinna tez…

  4. Hello sir I really love watching your videos is nice combination food and adventure I love it thats why I make my own YTC about adventure I inspired watching your videos. I thank you so much for sharing your adventure at the same time yummy food wow amazing. Shout out to you sir Mark please keep vlogging. God Bless You and stay safe.

  5. Hmm i absolutely love ur videos so far.. However I see an absent of mask from ur family 😅, by any chance is ur family vaccinated? (ofc not when eating but walking around in general)

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