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Fast, Cheap, and Easy Beginner Vegan Meals | 5 minutes and under $2 per serving

Quick, Easy, and Cheap Beginner Vegan Meals | Ready in 5 minutes and under $2 per serving I wanted my first video of 2020 to be my most accessible video …

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  1. Hello good morning. I have a question. Because I’ve never used our Instapot. Why Poultry setting vs. Rice setting? And if I do not like Soy Milk. What other kinds of Plant Based (Milk) Yogurts could be made in an Instapot?

  2. Cook 2 packs of ramen with reduced water, add 1 can mushrooms w/juice, 1 can niblet corn w/juice & slivers of raw onions, season as you prefer, and top with toasted sesame seeds. Mushrooms, corn & soy sauce are a great flavor combination

  3. So many people forget that sometimes we just need "emergency meals." Especially when people are transitioning, they are accustomed to having every fast food available to them. They need to know about these little gems that can keep them on the wagon!

  4. i have a massive bag of stir fry frozen veggies like broccoli, carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts etc from costco but whenever i cook frozen veggies they are limp and soggy please help?!

  5. The one thing I mess up when cooking vegan is variety. Too much! I worry about nutrients so I cook with 20 ingredients, usually 4/5types of beans, 10 or so veg, a carb source and a fat source like seeds. It doesn't make for tasty food when you have so much going on :/

  6. You did an amazing job filming and cooking with one hand! Your quickie, spontaneous meals are the perfect complement to Krocks in the Kitchen – those guys plan everything! Thanks for making the extra effort for us.

  7. Great job of jazzing up the ramen, but I'd have to reverse the process by sauteing the veg in a little oil first, then add all the spices with the diced tofu. Finally, add the water with the noodles and voila!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I bought the soy sauce top ramen the other day — and I should have read it.. cause it wasn’t vegan… I had to throw out all the packets
    Just using the noodles
    The package says it says beef in the seasoning packet 😢
    Be careful folks
    Read read read

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