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FAST RECIPES FOR AMATEURS AND PROS || 5-Minute Kitchen Hacks For A Special Dinner

DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR REAL FOODIES You can cook a lot of delicious meals without efforts in a few minutes! In this video we collected super easy recipes …

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  1. The pizza box hack would be great if it wasnโ€™t carried with the side that opens facing down cause if it either bumps something or just somehow accidentally opens there goes your pizza! Maybe if you put a piece of tape or something like that it would be a better idea! Also it would work great as a space saver if you only have a few slices left to put in the fridge!

  2. Hello 5 minutes recipes can you please make a quick microwave food videos like the Nutella egg and flour and put it in the microwave you know stuff like that please I would love to watch that if you see this thank you

  3. I thought an egg has to be cooked for atleast 2 minutes. Why was it cooked for one- oh wait, thatโ€™s because logic left the chat
    Good videos, helps me sleep ( in a good way )

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