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Feel Good Vegan Lockdown Meals 🌱ITAL CURRY 🔥

You can make this recipe with any veg you can get your hands on! Easy and delicious ital inspired curry with fried plantain, quinoa and salad! If you don’t like …

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  1. Just cooked this and enjoying right now. Omgggggg it’s so yummmyy!!!!! Shame I don’t have any plantain to go with. Give it a go guys, quinoa isn’t so scary after all 🙄

  2. I tried this out with chickpeas. Veg was eggplant, pumpkin, stalk celery, carrots, canned tomatoes. Had no starchy veggies to throw I the pot. Needed more salt and my sauce was a bit thin, so I added Dahl soup to thicken. For the first try, it tasted ok. Will try this again.

  3. Vegans are going to kill the planet fast if they continue like they are..and aswell as kill more animals than meat eaters do and natrally..most animals live of plants and other organic thing..aswell plants give the planet oxygen therfore you are gonna kill us all with you stupid stupid plant based diets…happy to argue about your vegan sasagues and other s**t 😁😊

  4. if you put ginger in a traditional ginger pot, it grows. Or just put it in the dark. It's a root, it grows as soon as you put it in the dark. Buy it very fresh-looking, buy the loose root ginger, a piece with nice pink and green tips to the knobs, if they're pointy and green they're trying to grow and it's very alive, buy with shiny skin not wrinkled and dry and knackered-looking. It lives forever, it doesn't need freezing and stuff. I'm old so i grew up with the old know-how

  5. I made a batch of this fridge-cleaner curry, and it's great! Shared some with a neighbor (at a safe distance, of course – dropped some off at her house), and she loved it, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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