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Fine dining BEEF WELLINGTON recipe | Michelin star POMME PURÉE

In this video, I am going to show you how you can do a delicious fine dining recipe with beef wellington and buttery potato puree …

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  1. Hmm, Michelin star Pomme Puree but you don't actually have any stars and as far as I can see you have never worked in a kitchen with any Michelin stars! Pretty sure there is some sort of infringement/false representation going on here!

  2. Whow that is awesome How did you came up with such a nice Dish.. but for real you forget the egg check the temperature WTF come on people watch Ramsay and also that potato pure looks like a gum I dont get it.. it is on YouTube a milion times and still people do it wrong come on people watch Ramsay this is not sexy at all

  3. I did a wellington for New Year last night. Used my new meat probe thermometer. Took it to 56 degrees…rested…fillet was well done, grey, tasteless…what did I do wrong? Should I take it out the oven about 10 degrees below the desired level?

  4. Sorry not a great example of Beef Wellington.
    Bottom is very wet and would fall away if he had not used a knife to hold it together.
    Raw spinach will only add moisture Beef Wellingtons worst enemy.
    You need to show how you made the mushroom duxelle and reduction method again to remove moisture.
    Try heating a pizza stone In the oven up to 180 then cooking the BW on that it makes a crispy bottom.

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