First Annual Tonight Show Dip-Off

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Jimmy and Tariq Trotter compete to find out who can make the best dip. Jimmy and Tariq’s recipes available here: …

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  1. This is so much more chill and genuine and intimate (as someone else commented too), just Jimmy and the Roots and Higgins hanging out more, lighter audience, these segments…I hope the producers stick with these segments and keep feeding us Tariq content too πŸ’œ

  2. At the end of the show on TV, Questlove mouthed and pointed to Tariq saying that he won! Jimmy was standing in front closing out the show and had no idea. It was too funny! I wish they included that part on here.

  3. β€œI just want to say to every artichoke, every avocado that was told that you were gonna grow up to be nothin’, you too, you too can one day be in the big dip!”

  4. When the Roots don’t play a song and Jimmy doesn’t sing and dance, I feel sad. It’s like eating plain bread without the peanut butter and jelly of happiness.

  5. A new definition of dip to me. In england they would call that a pie if there was pie dough in the bottom and top. It would be a great pie!

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