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First Time Cooking a Porterhouse Steak #Cooking #Recipe

First Time Cooking a Porterhouse Steak and Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe – Ken’s Virgin Kitchen Check out the Cook&Review Playlist: …

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  1. When it comes to steak, Texas has cheap beef. I've lived on both coasts and when I came home after a decade I really noticed how cheap the beef was…still expensive but much cheaper than up North or on either coast. Further proof God loves Texas

  2. Wow. Impressive cooking Ken! Looked so good! I really liked how simple and easy it was to follow. The steak 🥩 turned out beautifully. I have a question- are you not drinking alcohol as much now? I’ve noticed less beer drinking than before.

  3. How the #$@*&^ do you do this for years, all of that editing and time spent reviewing yet you call it grass fed butter and leave it in the video, not even a note saying *Grass fed cows? Ken, you suck at this now. Views in the tank and I've watched you from the 'Shwa early days. Lazy. Sad.

  4. Easily my newest favorite youtuber on the platform, been watching your videos like crazy the past week or so and they’re all so entertaining. Thanks for the great content!

  5. Great video, Ken. It was neat seeing you do a recipe from another youtube show that I like to watch. Food Wishes is a great youtube channel to check out as well for recipe ideas. Anyway, love your videos. And I’d to see more of you cooking. Please and thank you. Blessings.

  6. Hey Ken, Curious do you own a grill? Why didn’t you think about grilling it outside , (probably too damn cold outside , I wouldn’t either lol) wouldn’t it be good on grill ?, I would love you see revisit this steak and do it on your grill snd compare it to this review this summer if you can do that

  7. Wow! Loved watching you cook that monster steak! Awesome job! I’m so drooling! Love your animals! Sonny and Sam! Keep on cooking! I want you to see more cooking!

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