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Fish cake soup (Eomukguk: 어묵국)

The recipe is here:

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  1. Mangchi in my lived is Indonesia, very hard to gets the kelp.. Can i use dry kelp snack on it? What the reste of broth is plan mangchi? And i request how to makes assorted fish cake recipe😘

  2. Hi Maangchi I love love love your vegetables dishes very delicious and yummy also want to try fish balls but we only eat those fishes that have scalp on the surface but cant eat anchovy, squid and other fishes but I love shrimp and can eat shrimps. can you tell me in the market only fish balls available that have no aquids and other seafood included i can only eat fish abd shrimp

  3. Good morning
    Deasister than i look your made yummy food so verytalent fore you who get look ur us so can get experence so and ur throw smiling us so happy with attarct thank u all

  4. You are Really fantastisch person good explain Would like to Get your kooking Book from you and pls with a Signature ❤️
    May i Order it from you , thank you

  5. I really love your videos. Thank you Maangchi for teaching me things that I want to learn while brightening my day. I will make this Eomukguk tomorrow for my family and I know it will be a hit coz it's started to rain here in the Philippines and I want to serve them something different from our usual Sinigang na Baboy and Nilagang Baka. Thanks again!

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