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Fish Tacos Recipe – EASY

Delicious easy Fish Tacos recipe you have got to try. Enjoy this wonderful fish recipe from the Cooking with Shotgun Red archives 2017. I know we missed …

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  1. I just found out that Steve passed away. It made me sick to my stomach! Sheila he loved you so much you could hear it in his voice he was so proud of you. May God Bless you all. RIP Steve.

  2. Are y'all for real, Steve died???? What??? I was just going to comment on this video to tell him I'm definitely going to try these fish tacos but if y'all are for real then I am truly saddened by this, I only found his videos about 4 months ago and have watched all the ones he's put out since…. 🥺

  3. Yes, I agree with Jeanette Oglesby, so sorry Steve is gone but loved this video and love you Ms. Sheila and Jen-Jen continuing to bring us great cooking videos YOU ARE THE BEST. <3

  4. I make fish tacos all the time and I truly learned something today……..I love cabbage and never thought to put it on the tocos, I always go for the lettuce despite having cabbage in the refrig.

    Thanks Shotgun Red!

  5. Thank you Sheila for keeping the channel going. I love Steve's work through the years, and it's awesome that he lives on through the cooking y'all do.

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