Five Beautiful Ways To Decorate Cake

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  1. I'm a home baker, but my decorating and presentation skills aren't great. For my mom's birthday, I covered a cake in pink rosettes. I didn't even use a piping bag or tip; I just reinforced the corner of a Ziploc and cut it to shape. It didn't end up perfect, but it wasn't too hard to do, and it made my mom happy. She called it the most beautiful cake she'd ever seen in her life.

  2. So nice to watch and much less intimidating to try as the narrator makes it sound so casual and that literally anyone can do it

  3. i love the cake decoration you do i really love it and its really nice and really yum in even looks but honestly i love my digestion as well and for that i have planet ayurveda digesto plan and btw merry christmas

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