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Fixing a furniture & Cooking a delicious Pasta for Dinner | Kerala Vlog

Cooking is relaxing for me specially on days when am totally prepared to cook something special for the family. And that’s the secret to the taste, my happiness …

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  1. Thank you for the pasta recipe…shall try very soon. Could you please put in the link for for the cupboard you DIY. How is the product. Looks strong. Thanks in advance. Stay safe

  2. Hei how nicely and quickly you fixed the cupboard. Awesome yaar. I used to keep on seeing your videos I never thought to give my comments but today continuously I saw your three or four videos.i can't control to comment for this video.

  3. What a women u are. Now a days even . Doing small work we are feeling pain in whole body but being a single lady u are doing all ur work by urself. Very talented

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