Food For Dudes Episode 7 | 3 EASY APPETIZERS

Today my husband and I share three appetizer recipes with you that are perfect for Super Bowl. Marinated wings, bacon wrapped teriyaki shrimp, and a BBQ …

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  1. I missed this when you first posted. That Stromboli looks amazing. Daryl did an excellent job on the prep. I might try the recepie with some pork I have in the freezer that needs to be used.

  2. Hey girl how new 🐈 this video sounds fun you are a good friend to her making sure she has a great πŸ₯🍼 shower even if it's virtual

  3. Kiera, I wasn’t aware of the food for dudes segment that your hubby has done, will have to go back and binge watch those also. I love ❀️ the fact that Maya loves to help in the kitchen and that you both let her help, So sweet and cute. What a great hubby doing the shrimp for you! Take care everyone!

  4. Kiera…you need( amazon) disposable pans for those shrimps..throw away, and doesn't ruin baking sheet( I love them, I have 9Γ—13 and 8Γ—8…I use them for extreme greasy, messy dishes.)πŸ₯°

  5. I am not sure which video now! You used thin sliced beef. I always marinade in butter. I call it beef butter beef. So good. My mom did butter on all beef. Maybe thats why I had a heart attack.
    You also talked a few days ago on ground beef. I mix ground lamb and ground turkey very good. Have a fun game day.

  6. I love that you post late at night, but I can’t tell you how many times I fall asleep watching, wake up to another video, and have to watch again the next day. Thanks for so many ideas.

  7. Hey Sweetie, everything looks know I love all of your videos but I gotta say I missed the hubs sexy voice LOL..I'm excited to try the shrimp..and its Keto too.! πŸ₯°

  8. Y’all make a great team with this series of Food for Dudes!!! I have been looking for this cookbook for years at different DT’s. Never found it. So I gave up. Thank y’all for sharing this with us. Hugs from Lisa in Missouri!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!

  9. Well I hope Daryl's jobs going to absolutely awesome and I'm so proud of you guys for even putting on a video… but that Stromboli at the end what a brilliant idea does Uconnect like individual little strombolis and put them in your freezer beforehand I make almost like little hot pocket that you already know what the ingredients are and healthier and the store-bought ones I wonder if you could do them in the air fryer…. thank you for sharing all your guys are brilliant ideas you guys just always blow me away every time with so many ideas is come flooding to me when I watch a video thank you for that I still appreciate that cuz I just sit for a while lost my passion in the kitchen and if it wasn't for you and Vanessa and Canadian Vanessa and a couple other people Kim from the Watts I don't think I would have my passion in the kitchen today like I just got a back recently it's awesome you women are like a Powerhouse amazing fantastic woman… thank you thank you ever so much I just can't thank you so much… hope you guys are staying happy healthy and safe hope all is going well and many blessings to you and your family

  10. These are great recipes! Thanks Keira, enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! I am not watching the BIG game, but I am going to watch Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel, 2 p.m., check your local listings. Maybe the kids would enjoy watching it as well.

  11. Hi girlie!! I absolutely love this series and the Food Hack one. I'm definitely going have to try all 3 recipes. They all look so delicious. Mostly those shrimp. I love seafood. Hope y'all have a great evening and week. Stay safe. God bless.

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