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Food Theory: I QUIT Diet Coke!

Food Theorists, if you’ve been around for a while – or watched our other channels- you know I LOVE Diet Coke. Or well, I thought I did. Despite our long history, …

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  1. we buy Big K soda all the time in the summer for bbq party because it cost like 75 cents for 2 liter bottles and nobody can tell it is not the same. even the big K dr pepper dr.K rip offs we just pass it out and people think we spent for the real stuff.

  2. "Never heard of Food Lion"….. as someone from Texas I hear the name and I think of "Bleached ground beef"…. It was a scandal back in the early 90s. Dunno if it's the same company though….

  3. Gave up Soda and Energy drinks year ago. What I now call consumerism poison. Cool experiment, but in no way I would use fountain pop as a control.

  4. Don't bother, it's all chemicals your body never evolved to deal with in the first place. Drink water or tea or lemonade or cane sugar soda. Your body knows what to do with sugar, just don't drink to much of it.

  5. Steph's face at MatPat's choices at the end. Absolute comedic justice. I'm now curious to try this with the types of soda I like. I know I have done a little comparison kinda here and there but nothing significant.

  6. I have tried the Big K diet coke from Smith's and it is extremely chemically. It's definitely doesn't have that fruitiness either. It's surprisingly not the same.

  7. Well….it's nice to know that I will never taste a Soda wich was classified as nr.1 by the MatPat given that I do not live in america…..truly it is a sad sad thing.

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