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Fried chicken and French fries bento box lunch #shorts

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  1. To be fair, your bento for your kids are great and cute, but please let the politic out of your notes, even for my boyfriend I prefer putting a joke or a love note, so for my possible children I can't thinking of putting this. (And to be clear, it's not just this note, I'm thinking of other one, but she could have choosen a quote with similar message from someone else or simply from her heart)

  2. Lets just hope that Kamala Harris's deliberate choice to flood our country with Illegals from all over the world that no one knows anything about, including their real names and ages, never negatively effects this woman's children in any way.

  3. All this time I appreciated what she did and enjoyed her food choices, then in a matter of second she wiped all that away by fawning over a disaster like Kamala Harris. Wow, what a disappointment she turned out to he.

  4. OK like I’m subscribed to you and I love watching your videos and now I just unsubscribed and dislike this video bro what are you gonna bring Camilla Harrison to this

  5. “nice quote”
    OH YEAH well they also said this, this ,this and this
    it’s just a nice quote she just also happens to be the first female Vice President which is also a nice thing like chill shit

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