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Fried Chicken KFC at Home

How To Make Fried Chicken KFC Recipe [ASMR] フライドチキン の作り方 [Eating sound] Instagram: Facebook: …

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  1. I actually tried the recipe today because I was looking for a homemade fried chicken recipe. It was awesome and delicious. Everything held together and it wasn’t greasy at all. Thanks Nino!!! You always nail it with your recipes. 😊

  2. làm lần đầu thành công luôn nha mọi ng, mỗi tội nhà hết bột ngô mà lười đi mua, tui liều mình thay luôn bột thành bột cake + bột đa dụng mỗi thứ 1 nửa vẫn giòn rụm như thường 🤣🤣

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