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Frozen Food Review – Is There Anything Healthy In The Freezer Aisle?!

I headed the frozen food section of Walmart to see if I could find anything healthy. I reviewed all different types of frozen foods, pizza, breakfast, vegetarian, …

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  1. Honestly your Walmarts and other stores in Chicago seem to have much more than in NY metropolitan area stores. Plus we hardly have any Walmarts and Costco's which aren't convenient to public transportation. It doesn't make any sense

  2. Bobby, I like these videos but noticed that you don’t talk about the nutrition facts. Good ingredients are great, but I feel like some of these meals that you approved might have high levels of sodium

  3. I found this channel by mere accident, and became interested ABOUT foods from 'any' Walmart. Trying to follow through, since I have NEVER shopped Walmart-period…and if I did, it would never be food. ~~~ BUT! What had me staying on was the frozen WILD CAUGHT fish.
    Also, somewhat interested in the "AMY" brand due to non junk ingredients/ non allergy foods as close to making it yourself.

    I am assuming that our WALMART is one of the finer and hopefully cleaner ones -well stocked. (????????)
    "…………..I am sure my Whole food stores (possibly) has some of the NO NO NO as shown. I try by 99% cook everything from scratch, along with buying grade quality Organic. Cooking from scratch is my best option As Healthy". {{ Let me know when you do a video on oils and butters }} – Thank You.
    The pasta was an eye opener. I had (been) purchasing gluten free pasta, and ONLY RAO tomato sauce from the inner aisles, which to me is [Processed ] whatever. If my husband does the shopping, he'll buy by $$s to cents on weight averages. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ I do not. !
    Our extra virgin olive oil is purchased through on line and quite pricey but very simple and grade A1. I couldn't believe the other STORE BOUGHT EVOO was so thick and heavy with comparison what we use now. Grapeseed oils are good if read thoroughly of any add on. The only thing I buy in frozen would be Green Giant broccoli and Lima beans. My question to date, now, is what butter or butter spread would be the better for health? Hoping to buy on line whole foods from now on- soon and skip the grocery store completely. I am interested in the bread you spoke of in the freezer at under $7.00.

  4. I thank God for you I really need your help it is hard to find some good product like you are showing us
    Keep up the good work ,you are teaching me how to eat better that is going to help my sugar.

  5. Great information – gonna check these prepared dishes at my local Walmart. Picked up som Great Value beef jerky at Walmart a few weeks ago – ingredients were decent, low carb (sugar) good for keto diet. Thanks!!

  6. So this guy actually thinks "organic" means something in america ? LMAO. I don't think I can trust anything you say now. It's litteraly just a label(with 0 regulations) to increase the prices of stuff.

  7. The only thing I would emphasize in this video is how to run fast and furious away from anything Tyson. Tyson is one of the worst when it comes to animal cruelty. We all know that the slaughter process is cruel in it of itself, but this corporation makes sure the animals' entire life existence is sad, disgusting, and should be illegal on all fronts. Also, that Great Value brand…they may use a lot of wholesome ingredients, but you have to question where they get the bulk of that main ingredient, chicken!! What's the use of eating wholesome condiments thrown on top of Tyson or any other corporate owned chicken? You still do a great job Bobby, but I know we can talk about this stuff all day long 😉

  8. The cauli power frozen pizza has 37 carbs and 2 to 3 grams of sugar the same nutrient fact on a store bought apple pie. Plus approximately over 300 calories. So if he considers that super clean than its really ok to buy a fresh hot pizza from the pizzeria.

  9. I'm so thankful that I happened about your YouTube channel… I've been power watching your many interesting videos! I just did the Daniel Fast for January and learned a lot but found you in February and you have extended my knowledge! Thank you so much!

  10. Wait rice is highly aresinic?!? Oats have roundup in them 😢 ewww thank you for making a great informative video I learned so much!!

  11. I knew where you were within seconds. You were on Broadway just north of Diversey.😜😝😆✌💞✌💖✌💓😜😃😝😁😃😀😄😍 Do you know of any small store in Chicago where everything is organic?

  12. Do you have a good recommendation for sugar free fat free coffee creamer? I’m addicted to the Vanilla sugar free fat free Coffeemate… I’ve tried so many Different creamers tried even making my own and have had no success!! Any suggestions?

  13. How about expiration dates? Some times the date is printed over pictures or printing on the package and sometimes it is embossed in the same color as a lid or tube making it nearly invisible.

  14. Does my Walmart sucks compared to yours 🤦‍♂️ I actually enjoy Amy’s meals but I wish my local Walmart had a bigger selection.

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