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Full Day of Eating | Amazing Vegan Meals 🌱💪

Today was a good day! Food, workout and gardening. If you like the recipes in this video check out my recipe eBook which is on sale this week (Apr 17-24) for …

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  1. The insects that lays eggs in the leaves they are called leaf minors. I hate them so much, we have them in Québec too, they also eat my collards and swisschard. All the precious greens..

  2. Awesome video! During your live chat I asked about gardening and bam here's the video! As usual you absolutely nailed it and have inspired me (and I'm sure others) to live a healthier life. Keep it up man!

  3. Nice garden Derek!, try spreading kale/arugula seeds thick like grass on an empty bed and you can take several cuts of baby greens over the growing months.

  4. Thank you for your cooking videos. I really appreciate your nutritional information and creativity to make vegan recipes interesting. You both have such a beautiful and positive energy! 🙂

  5. Quinoa is great! have you tried quinotto? real nice risotto made of basicly quinoa, could add some mushrooms and good parmesan :). Question about cereals and complex carbs, are complex carbs that important?… went to my first nutritionist cause of vitamin D deficiency and came out with loottss of cabsss to eat, and im not a fan of rice or pasta, they taste great but leave me a bit anxious, i'll try though… btw, has anyone heard of mixing legumes with cereals? got told that if you mix them up with vitamin C, thats the best way to absorb the full amout of plant protein 🙂

  6. Hi ! thanks for your story on how you healed your digestion problem…i had the same problems growing up..but it get worst when i reached the age of 35, and now i am in my 40ths and i have to stay away from a lots of vegetables and stomach is sensitive to many foods ,so i am now trying to follow your foot steps in the way you overcome it…But every time i get a relief in the stomach , it triggers off again.i have low stomach acid and where i live there is no access to anything like betaine or bitters, but apple cider vinegar,…i have eliminated most of my food already..most of the food was the ones that irritate the stomach and cause blotting .. before i eat anything, i used slippery elm first cuz it stop my stomach form pain and blotting ..can you tell me what i am doing wrong and how long dose it take for it to fully cure? thanks much looking forward to your reply…

  7. The pre-workout snack looks like what I eat when I don’t have popcorn to watch a movie … I’ll try it with apple next time… Dude, you gotta work on your fist bump otherwise we’ll have to cancel your Cool-People International-Association membership … (we'll give you a few weeks …)… Your banana shorts look comfortable, I would certainly use them as pajamas.. they match my favorite raccoon sleepers.. (my fellow vegans just raised their eyebrows .. It’s artificial raccoon fur, guys… chill out! …)… Crystal, watch Derek carefully during the quarantine, we don’t want him to elope with a banana tree in the middle of the night… (I’ve seen the weirdest things on Youtube lately …)… I’m going to Astral travel to your backyard one of these days and have fun on that trampoline for, at least, half an hour … I bet you hardly ever have a bad day after jumping there … The tofu looks like cazón (dogfish) .. you could even make a pie with it … I NEED TOOOOOOOOFUUUUUU!!!!!! … (sorry, it’s the quarantine) … I can’t find anything in this country, and when I find it, it costs 5 minimum wages.. and the worst part is that I’m not sure I want to leave… I have a love-hate masochist relationship with this country … Beautiful sunny day! (it’s one of the main reasons I don’t wanna leave my country, it’s like that (spring) all year round… ) … You could make a fortune selling those super smoothies you make (time to create a new brand! … ) … We have to discuss with the CPIA (Cool People International Association) board if that gardening hat is acceptable or not …🤔 I don’t know … Gardening your own vegetables is cool … My neighbors must have been Blackberries in a past life :S Quinoa is “high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids.. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants” and they are really tasty… and brown rice is the healthiest (refined rice sucks) … The Sauerkraut sieht gut aus (looks great) … Peace ✌️

  8. I’m so afraid to eat! I have lost 80 lbs in a healthy way . But I used to walk 8 miles + a day at work, now I’m temporarily laid off and have lost my motivation (I don’t do well sitting at home). So now I have only been eating a healthy dinner and some fruit (sometimes chocolate😳) for desert. I seem to go up and down between 141- 138. I want to loose more weight! I really am lost😔

  9. It's always funny to me how many vegans don't know anything about gardening. It's very wise to get into it and very fun to explore new plants. I mean, you only eat plants so may as well know everything about them. There are so many varieties of the crops we know too…once you get into it it's so much fun. Try Baker Creed Heirloom Seed company …even just to look through their catalog of seeds/plants. I learn something new everytime I browse.

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