Game Day Appetizers on the Blackstone | COOKING WITH BIG CAT 305

The BIG GAME is coming up and it’s right down the street from my house. Decided to make a mixed bag of appetizers to give everyone some ideas. Super easy …

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  1. Looks great!It's Miya from Inkbird.We specialize in bbq thermometer.Wonder if you are interested in testing our bbq thermometer for free?Please let me know. Best wishes.

  2. Hey,
    By far the most complete video that shows the versatility of the Blackstone. My son is an incoming (enrolled) freshman football player at NC State and we plan to tailgate-every home game. I think I am sold on the Blackstone. Thanks for sharing-especially this one.

  3. That was great. Have you tried Denny Mikes Hot and Nasty BBQ sauce for the wings. That is all we use now at home. It’s made about 1/2 mile from me. Great hot wing sauce.

  4. I did the quesadillas and bacon shrimp tonight Was good but my temperature judgement was too hot resulting in burning. Need some instruction on temp settings when fixing your recipes.

  5. Heavens tabetsy, those games appetizers look utterly scrumptious! Chicken wings had my name all over it. Cascadia were win. Now I gotta go eat something. Great video!

  6. Excellent video. Great food there. Feb. 2and I am having a few guys over for that game. I am calling my food the carnivore superbowl smorgishborg. On the blackstone making alligator,shrimp,crawfish,venison sausages,Beer brat sausage,garlic chicken & spinach sausage,Shrimp royal red 16-20 count,butterflied cut up & marinated chicken breast strips & might throw on some King salmon,Walleye I caught myself. Just got from ultimate fishing show some Elk & Venison smoked cherrywood cheese salami's which will be on plates also. Also plan on making some Beef stew from scratch in the pressure cooker,cheese cubes & crackers,pretzel rods,chips New england shrimp & lobster dip & finally yes a few veggies on a tray (carrots,cellery & broccoli) Of course lots of beer. Blackstone is 17 " on my balcony for my second story apartment. If anyone complains about more veggies I will tell them to go outside & graze.

  7. I’m speechless this is dam near perfect 👌 looks like a trial run for division playoffs. Going to add some Louisiana crawfish tails to the quesadillas. You just keep on upping the meaning of finger food without holding that little finger out lol my brother.

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