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Garden Tour 2020 | CaribbeanPot.com

A quick peek at my annual Caribbean Garden In Canada.. you asked for it. Recipes @ #garden #gardening #organic.

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  1. I want to start a raised garden in my sisters yard for I live in the basement of her house. The way you seem to leave your garden alone to grow without weeding and heavy work inspires me to plan in such a way as to prevent the sun from encouraging weeds to thrive. It seems to be your way and I wonder at this? Also, I wonder do you supplement the soil every year? Or do you add nourishment around each planting and then leave the plants alone? The surrounding soil is empty of weeds(?). I do not see mulch, nor do I see weed blankets and I know you've said you do not use chemicals. I get the marigolds for vermin though chipmunk or rabbit are nibbling and eating perhaps because there are not marigolds amongst the plants but only in the one border; those are for bugs correct? I've heard that must vermin do not like them or hot peppers-supposing why they'd not bothered? Anyway that's enough questions for now I'm sure @CaribbeanPot.com (?) And I appreciate any answer(s), ty Chris!

  2. Hey Chris, beautiful garden, just wondering where you find the time to do all of that gardening and cooking. Your tomatoes look so healthy. Please share your secret. I am struggling with mine. Pure niceness!

  3. Thank u. Ever since I saw ur first garden video, I decided I could grow Caribbean stuff here in Europe, if you can do it in Canada. Great work. I am growing bitter melon and Caribbean spinach amongst other things. And sweet potatoes. Mmm.
    P. S. A delicious heirloom tomato is the green moldovan tomato. When ripe its a light yellow hue, but mostly green. Taste like a super sweet kiwi. Soo yummy.

  4. Be interested to see what you do with the horseradish. I have a lot in my garden(it can be a bit of a thug) and I only use it for horseradish sauce, which the wife and I snack on with tortilla chips.

  5. A very beautiful garden! Everything looking so healthy! Your pimento pepper trees are beautiful. I was looking for one this summer but I didn’t get it. Can you please tell where you got yours?

  6. Beautiful garden… I have the squirrels and huge iguanas to contend with….my plants are all eaten by the iguanas…my fruits are by the squirrels and the iguanas…

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