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Gardening Hacks – 10 Simple Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden

Often simple bits of advice from other gardeners can help provide shortcuts to achieving success in your garden. In this video we demonstrate ten quick tips …

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  1. I'm a teacher and, if someone accidentally writes on a whiteboard with permanent marker, all you have to do to get it off is write over it with a whiteboard marker and then rub the smudge off with a cloth. Worth a try on plastic tags. Much easier than sanding which leaves a rough surface.

  2. If you boil eggs, like for potato salad, use that water to water plants. I also practice companion planting and have a pair of Guineas Hens, AKA The Ladies, to keep my pests at bay. 🙃

  3. Thanks for this and the great tips on using veg and washing up water. Here in Yuma Arizona this video will be a great reference as I begin my gardening journey this autumn. 🌴

  4. These were some great hacks. I am going to mark my garden hoe handle, and I already cut up a plastic bottle for my tomatoes. Love the soaking peas and then putting them in toilet paper rolls! Thank you! Here's one: I could never get the hang of composting. Then, one day, my neighbor lady with the beautiful garden suggested this: Once a day, take your veggie and herb trimmings, egg shells and tea and/or coffee grounds from the day and put them into a blender – fill with water and blenderize. Pour this mixture over your garden. Great for the soil and the plants love it. No more need to compost. Has worked for me ever since and I have never "burned" a plant from doing it this way.

  5. When I got tired of moving soil from the compost pile to the garden plot I started digging holes in the lousy soil where I wanted good soil later. I'd fill the hole with kitchen waste, manure, lawn clippings etc and cover with dirt as I dug a similar hole right next to the first. after a while the entire garden was full of composted soil and my back was still in good shape to wear myself out doing other garden chores

  6. Thank you for the gardening tips. But, never boil your vegetable you want to eat. You wash out all the nutrients. Cook them slowly in butter or just steam them!

  7. Awesome, thank you!!!! My best tip today is soak seeds in yoghurt or other probiotic such as kefir overnight, or even longer! This really gives a boost to older seeds especially!!!!

  8. Ive got a question. I have an indoor rabbit and been collecting the droppings to use with coco coir for seedlings of various kinds. They were in a small tub and now there is a white stuff growing on them. Could this be benificial fungi growing or bad mold? Should i just load 1 plant with it and see what happens as an experiment?

  9. My 2 cents / tip: Instead of planting spring onions and garlic in one area, I tend to spread them out in amongst other plants, or place single-rows between other plants. Supposedly, the chemicals given off my the onion/garlic family are a deterrent to aphids and other pests.

  10. Grow potatoes and carrots in hanging buckets to keep carrot fly and slugs n snails away from your growing veg 👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  11. 1 liter of water a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a few drips of washing up liquid blended with a soup wand or blender and use in a spray bottle for aphids spidermite caterpillars it will kill all insects so don't spray beneficial insects, some plants are sensitive to it so it's best to wash it off with water after a few minutes.

  12. You can use the absorbing material from a clean diaper in your soul to keep it hydrated. They hold a lot of water which will be released when the soil is too dry and absorb extra water when it rains.

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