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  1. Nice!!!! some veggies could be added to it. Protain its just so much more than just meat, in order not to feel hungry you need to up your intake of fiver.. There is a so much protein in Plant Base, in fact that is how animals get their Protein in the first place..

  2. I just made this for dinner and it was amazing! the only difference is I added broccoli because it's what I had on hand. Thank you for the simple recipe ❤

  3. I hate when people think that protein is what makes them feel full. No gurl, it’s the FIBRE! Fiber fiber fiber. If we needed protein to feel full our bodies wouldn’t require such a small amount of protein in our daily requirements (which are far smaller than we have been lead to believe).

  4. i feel so blessed that i found your channel,,the vegan zombie& your channel has totally changed my life around! i been finding alot of your recipes totally tasty&satisfying 🙂 i am one happy subscriber

  5. Always save the cooking water! When you add a little water to the pasta, butter and garlic, use the starchy pasta cooking water because it helps to make the sauce amazing!

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