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Gathering all my organic leafy vegetables and make a healthy food/ Law-uy a Bisayan Healthy recipe

Shalom everyone, today I’m going to show you a healthy Bisayan recipe that is very tasty and loaded of flavors Any kind of vegetables you have in your garden …

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  1. Ang sarap naman ng Taro root ..kung tawagin sa tagalog ay gabi..ito ay may

    health benefits of taro root
    1.controls blood sugar 6.improves digestive health
    2.anti cancer properties 7.healthy heart
    3.boosts immune system 8.improves vision
    4.improves blood circulation 9.excellent skin health
    5.reduce fatigue 10.weight loss

    share ko lang po..

  2. Super love this girl! You look young but grabe ka ma diskarte. You’re cooking reminds me so much of my Mom. Maka tuon na gyud ko og luto ani. Thanks to you Inday!

  3. Hanga ako sa cinematography mo po probinsya feels at parang nsa scenario ka mismo nice video and content so proud of you ❤️❤️😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. Hello first time ko po napanood itong vedio. Mahilig ako sa mga gulay. Ganyan din ako mgluto. Gulay na Laswa Tawag smin yan sa Iloilo. Madalas din ako mgluto yan. Sariwang gulay Healthy foods. Di na kailangan igisa. Thank u Sis. sa pg share mo .

  5. Buhay Bukid sarap ng Buhay Live Freely, pag may tanin may aanihin. I Salute for all Farmers out there and giving free fruits and vegetables in this Difficult time to the people are hungry and starving for the ECQ . A Million thanks to all of Us.

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