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Genshin Impact Matsutake Meat Rolls Recipe *captions*

Today on Kwon’s Corner I’m satisfying my addiction to Genshin Impact by cooking Matsutake meat rolls in real life! In Korea we make this dish using enoki …

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  1. I like this recipe, but I really do not care for ASMR eating sounds. I was raised that it’s extremely rude to chew your food like a cow, and that no one should hear you eating like they can a pen full of pigs. Sorry….I really am not trying to be rude. I just would appreciate a heads up in the title/description saying the video contains ASMR – chewing, swallowing & eating. (As it makes me a bit sick to my stomach & I find it rather disgusting). This way I can either turn off the sound or just avoid those videos.
    Otherwise, I simply adore all your other videos!!!

  2. God I love this channel. You should make more video game related recipes (but also bring back excited talking Kwon sometimes!)

    I am gonna use parts of this recipe and make my own version for my grandma. Thank you Kwon! Looks delicious!

  3. I love Lisa, guess the slightly sarcastic and tired librarian electro witch is my type 😀 Haven't played Genshin Impact in a while, but this soothing music make me wanna launch it again <3 Also, super easy recipe and cool ASMR, soooo different from the usual content. 잘했어!

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