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  1. I watch your content as I always feel calm, at peace, and inspired after watching your videos. Your personality is what I love – you're so kind, peaceful, full of wisdom, mature, and a role model to me.

  2. Hi! From my point of view about your last few minutes of opening up about life and what to do in general. In fact, the past couple weeks my boyfriend and I have been talking about houses, where to live and everything related to it and we got to the point that: ok, do we really want to by a house for ourselves or to “fit in to society”? And no, we don’t want to buy it just because I am in my late 20’s and he is in his early 30’s or because most of our friends are doing that. In the end of the day we have to leave with our own decisions and take our time to understand what are our needs and so our decisions is the best that we can do. Sometimes we joke that we don’t have a huge social life so we don’t have to compare ourselves that much and just focus on our own bubble! – btw, I watch your videos when i need like a productive calming lifestyle!

  3. I like productive vlogs but not for every time. I'm subscribed to different creators, with different styles and types of content, and I love that because depending on the time of the day or on how I feel I see a video or another.
    I personally love how calm and cozy your videos are, I really love them to chill, enjoy and get good vibes. Now I'm watching this at 8:30a.m., before I head to work and eating my breakfast and it's just perfect!

  4. I like watching your content, because I can watch it while relaxing but it still makes me feel motivated ❤
    Your mindset on life is also inspiring, and I appreciate how real you are with the different aspects of your life while still maintaining your personal privacy ❤

  5. Thank you for this video Michelle! And remember that you're not alone when you feel overwhelmed about your life or whatever, what really helps me is to think that I shouldn't be in another place than where I am now, there's no need to hurry up and there will never be a perfect moment, trust God's time. The life doesn't come with a manual, it doesn't have rules, we are the ones who create those weird rules or ideas of how our life should be or what we should be doing, so just focus on create your own type of success. You rock! <3

  6. I like watching your videos because it feels like I'm just having company, and it inspires me and gives me ideas of simple things I want to do 🙂 watching from Belgium btw 😉

  7. I would say I watch your videos to

    1. Relax and wind down at the end of the day

    2. Remind myself to cherrish the slow moments and reconnect because life can get pretty busy sometimes

    3. They just make me feel good 🙂

  8. Gentle reminder that 24 is VERY early to buy a house! I know everyone is on different time lines and I'm 25 and my life is very different from yours but buying a house is a huge investment and definitely not something you should feel pressured to do with 24. Life doesn't stop at 30 😋💖 I'm aware our cultures are different so I don't fully know what's "normal" in your environment but I agree with Aidan 😊 cut yourself some slack! You're doing great! I'm not working in social media (actually I'm finishing up my master degree lol) but I feel like everyone can relate to feeling like we have to conform to certain life steps and expectations. Social Media doesn't make it easier, that's for sure.

  9. I really appreciated how you shared that thought at the end. It was helpful to me because, although I am not a social media content creator, I do struggle with the ideas that society puts out about what I should have or be doing at this point in my life. And I have also, like you, been working on reframing those thoughts as well.

  10. Piggybacking off of what others have already said, I love your videos because they’re real, calm, & build me up. I totally relate to feeling the societal pressure to do things, buy things, and look a certain way, but looking at Jesus’s life is truly the best way to keep me in check, like you said💖 thank you for the shout out, what a dream to know you! 😚

  11. The reason I love your videos is that you are always so calm and graceful, even in chaotic situations but not in an unrealistic way. Your vlogs feels really geniune and easy to watch. I always leave your vlogs inspired and grounded. I am not a Christian but I love that you incorporate spirituality so gracefully into your vlogs. Your vlogs are very unique in that sense, from the other clickbaity content out there that is focused on just overstimulating the audiance. Love your content!

  12. Your content is SO soothing, first of all. Also, I think you can kind of tell my a Christian "influencer" is truly sincere, and I get the impression that you really are and so I also watch because I'm inspired by your faith!

  13. I’m 22, in my senior year of college, and can relate to you 100%. My boyfriend is turning 24 soon and we will be together for 4 years in November. He has been working a full time job for the past year. Recently, I have been feeling like we NEED to buy a house or lease an apartment right after I graduate. However, it’s not the best idea financially. I just see everyone on social media living with their significant others right after college and I feel the pressure to do so as well. My boyfriend doesn’t go on social media, so he does not feel this pressure like I do. My boyfriend is a financial planner so he looks at things from a better perspective than I do. I’m struggling to just enjoy my senior year of college and not think about the future.

  14. I watch your videos for the simplicity and calmness. As someone who is quite anxious I look forward to watching your videos to unwind or start my day when I want a slower morning. Thanks for sharing with us always!

  15. I watch your videos because you are real and make me feel calm 🤍 I watch them on my days off when I clean, do things around the house, relax and I enjoy them soooo much. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing!

  16. Michelle, thank you for sharing your heart and your life with us! I so appreciate your perspective on life and admire the way you strive to live a life pointed towards and reflecting Christ. Your content is so calming & comforting and I always feel inspired after watching your videos. Thank you for doing what you do, you are amazing!

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