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Get Dinner on the Table, Fast, Thanks to Sheet-Pan Chicken Thighs

Need to get dinner on the table, fast? Turn to Chef Frankie’s sheet-pan chicken thighs, brined in apple cider vinegar and cooked on a bed of roast potatoes and …

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  1. I forgot they brutally murder the penny pig in the opening of each episode…..and then….cut away to an exact replica if the pig it's like the prestige 🤢🤢🤢

  2. Been watching you on SC for quite a while now. Made this dish tonight and OMGosh I love it! Had enough left over for a few lunches this week. Thank you so much!

  3. Yummmm. Just add a couple of apples, peeled and cut into rings. Savory with a pop of sweetness.
    °°apple, sage stuffing.
    °°apole rings fried in the pork chop pan, with caramelized onions.

  4. Frankie just keeps getting better and better with time! Thanks for the great content as always! Confession I'm a vegan who almost never watches non-vegan cooking channels – and I can't get enough of Frankie

  5. Mmm cold plated food… I feel like the producers of this show have made a bunch of small changes and not for the better. Miss the old vibe. Still love Frankie though!

  6. I love this recipe!! If I didn’t have a whole chicken soaking in buttermilk and salt for tomorrow, I would be making this! But!!! I am going to the grocery store on Saturday and picking up some thighs just for this! 😋

  7. You are so distractingly beautiful and energetic. I realized today there has NEVER been an upload of yours that I have not had to skip back because I get a little lost watching you. Anyway we all need to be told that our beauty shines at least once in a while. I hope this adds a smile to your day! This dish in one alteration or another is a once a week in my house as well. 🙂

  8. I wanna know where they got potatoes for $1.33 and onion for 0.10. Those potatoes would cost 3.27 her and the onions about 0.70 same for the carrots. They would be twice that price.🤔

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