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  1. I tried them all, I have thyroid and the only good plan for me is Plant Based. I eat so much I can not beieve it. I follow Chef AJ, I d not do ut 100% struct and the weight is faling off. I feel guilty eating so much. I even stick in some meat. It is healthier I no longer have sugar my BP is comng down and I am NEVER hungry. Give it a try she is on Youtube….

  2. I loved your work. I have been trying to find for a educational video similar to yours that educates everything in this vid! 🙌 👩‍⚕️Your vid for sure is like the channel of this smart Dr. Ethan. Ethan's videos are really useful and he actually helped me on my school!

    Go watch his YouTube out and give the Doctor a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanEducation

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