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——– hi, i’m megan. i upload here on wednesdays (lots of home DIYs, fashion/styling, and who knows what else) and release a new episode of my advice …

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  1. I am like this also! It used to be so bad, but I started taking a non stimulant medicine that treats adhd and depression and my brain no longer feels like tornado soup! Like I still struggle a lot with executive dysfunction, but I'm not having debilitating anxiety over it any more. I'm like "damn. This pill of shit has been here for three weeks… Let me at least put these clothes in the laundry." And sometimes I can go back and also put the papers in my office and the bags back in the pantry. But sometimes it's just the clothes and hey! I don't have clothes on my table any more! That's better than it was 5 minutes ago. Like she said, little wins fam! Find systems that works and forget anybody that judges you for it being different to the norm. Speaking of, though, I'ma go empty the dish washer. 😅

  2. Aries are definitely idea people, self starters & eager to start any new project.. we just don’t always finish lol & it’s funny, I have to strong urge to change my house every month.. I realized I needed to chill when I bought 3 different rugs for my living room and didn’t have anywhere to store the old ones lol

  3. Your house screams anxiety but it’ll only get worse if you don’t finish what you’ve started. Take small baby steps and don’t start with new projects.

  4. As a fellow Aries, totally get it. My work around? I have an idea notebook. Anytime I have a new idea I name the project and write it down on a new page. Then I dedicate that space to planning the project and I don't do the first step until I have a solid plan written down. I just started this system a month ago and it has been working like a dream. Have managed to avoid the frustration and chaos of 5 started but unfinshed projects.

  5. Hey, Megan, I just wanted to tell you a quick fridge tip. When you open the fridge, get what you need as quickly as possible and close it. That way the temperature doesn't change as much and the fridge doesn't get "exhausted", resulting in longer life😀

  6. I am not an Aries but Megan just described my daily thought processes that is actually driven from my adhd. Productive, yet extremely overwhelmed and overstimulated 🙃

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