Giada De Laurentiis Makes Chicken Piccata | Everyday Italian | Food Network

There’s never a bad time to make Giada’s top-rated Chicken Piccata. Subscribe ▻ Get the recipe ▻ …

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  1. "Oil can be heated to a higher temperature than fats like butter" (implies that milksolids burn before food fully cooks)
    me nodding along
    Then Giada immediately dumps a bunch of butter in the pan with the oil… 😑

  2. I can’t take cooking advice from such a skinny person. She’s very attractive physically, but I want a chubby cook who looks like they enjoy food. This cook looks like if you offered her a steak she’d say, “Oh no thanks, I’m stuffed from a Tic-tac I had earlier."

  3. Great but I would slightly thicken the sauce w/a little cornstarch or flour. Otherwise the sauce is watery, won't coat the pasta and you'll be eating pasta in soup w/chix on top.

  4. Use to watxh her show as a kid .

    To my chicken Picatta I add white wine and capers though. And when trying to shed a few pounds I dont Serve with pasta I serve with zuchinni. Super delicious

  5. It’s almost…refreshing to know that the older days when she cooked she was so calm and didn’t over exaggerate her Italian accent and roots. She just cooked good food and kept it simple.

  6. Food network is nowhere near as entertaining as it once was. I'm actually diggin create channel. They have a more realistic atmosphere and better chefs.

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