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Ginger Sauce over Chickpeas Greens and Rice

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  1. It looks like the vegan version of chinese restaurant lemon chicken. Could convert the sweet and sour seitan recipe in the Prevent and Reverse book to sweet and sour chickpea.

  2. Sat watching thi while eating
    a plate of baked orzo (rice shaped pasta)
    with tomatoes and a marinated piece of tofu
    This recipe, like my orzo bake, is simple and looks delicious
    I think I have everything so might well make it in the week
    probably over a mixture of cooked barley, rye and oats
    as a rice alternative

  3. Loved how Ann just picked up a piece of onion from the hot pan to show xD though please be careful, haha! And that's our acid queen with all the lemon juice 😀 You're both absolutely lovely <3 sounds and looks amazing :3 wow 🙂

  4. You guys are amazing and have changed my life! I'm a cancer patient and went plant based to try to give myself my best chance of survival. I watch you all the time and look forward to my notifications for your new videos! Much love and gratitude for what you do! It does make a difference in people's lives in a big way. Just thank you! ❤

  5. Love you. I am from México, i live in small city called San Luis Potosí, in here we have onions even bigger then that one! 🤣🤣 Thank you, i have the book but watching you allows me to crave!!

  6. Looks like a chickpea dal (rather than lentil). I'm all on board with ginger, especially this winter when we're actually having Winter in SE Ohio… this video and the cookbook

  7. Beautiful Sweaters! I think I will put the greens onto the plate or in the bowl, spoon hot rice on top, then the ginger mixture on top, with extra sprinkles of red pepper flakes. Yum.

  8. After following u for some time I’ve noticed that u indicate good diet for type 2 diabetic BUT u never mention what foods to omit ? Please do a video on this topic. Thanks love the channel

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