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  1. Seriously, the whole “gluten-free diet” fad is a joke and a disservice to a lot of people. Someone with a massive following like this guy should be more educated on things like Celiac disease if he’s going to give information on gluten-free diets. There are probably a lot more people suffering with this disease that have no idea because ignorant people treat being “gluten-free” as a weight loss method or whatever.

    I went 21 years of my life having no idea that I had Celiac disease. I had malnutrition and all kinds of deficiencies, yet my actual gastroenterologist didn’t even test me for Celiac disease. It’s just ridiculous to talk about being “gluten-free” in this frivolous context and completely ignore the real, evidence-based, medical facts that are far more important than “reducing inflammation”.

  2. Being a diagnosed celiac, I have no choice. It's gluten free or a host of health problems due to an autoimmune disease, fad or no fad. For a celiac, gluten, over time, damages the small intestine, which can cause colon cancer. For a celiac, it flattens the villi in the small intestine, which is responsible for nutrient absorption, causing malabsorption of food. For a celiac, gluten introduction is viewed by the body at as a foreign invader, which then causes the body to basically attack itself. This can lead from everything to inflammation, anxiety, a 60 percent higher rate of developing another autoimmune disease such as MS, painful digestive issues, nausea, chronic fatigue, brain fog and several other things. .Celiacs are as much as 1 percent of the population. Others have intolerance to gluten, which is something different altogether. It's odd when people opt to be gluten free, thinking it's a health diet. It can be, but as you said, only when true nutrition is involved. Processed food is processed food.

  3. I have faced it, wheat products these days is a junk food. I enjoy bread once in a great while. We have been sold on the idea that bread is the 'staff of life'. Perhaps 2000 years ago, but not today. Why would I jack my insulin levels for a piece of bread, pasta, et al…….dropping all of those processed food items is allowing me to have zero challenges in keeping my weight steady.

  4. Yeah, many People confuse healthy with the gluten free products you mention. Those Gluten free cookies, Bread, cakes are for people who have Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, who still want to eat such items. Most people don't need to avoid Gluten and are just paying more money for those products. in your case Scooby, like you say, your diet is naturally gluten free rather than intentional.

  5. Could you do a video for college students with a low budget and not that many different cooking options (except an oven, stove, and maybe a blender)? Love your vids btw, you're awesome.

  6. I nearly fell for the gluten fad, went and got checked to be sure, turns out I did have some stomach problems but nothing related to gluten.
    Thing is, gluten free is important for those people who have intolerance or allergies to it, for everyone else is pretty much just fad, literally taking away protein for you wheat sources. And just like scooby said, going gluten free isn't that hard, just stay away from crappy food, going for full monitored diet is hard, or going meat free or even vegan, way harder.

  7. I eat gluten free due to intolerance and the first thing I get asked every time is "what do you eat then?" I'm like, well I eat decent clean nutritious foods, so I then get "so what do you do about bread?" to which I say I don't. The perplexed look I get is unreal haha. I once read the ingredients in gluten free "frankenstein" bread and it is atrocious, the amount of crap is unreal, I'd say normal gluten containing products are probably better for you than gluten free alternatives if you don't have an intolerance of some sort. Obviously eating clean is better than both.

  8. Assuming you cook for yourself, being gluten free is not too difficult. However, cross contamination is the main problem. Things with no gluten ingredients can still be contain small amounts of gluten due to being processed in a factory that handles gluten elsewhere. Even simple unprocessed foods can be a problem. If you have celiac disease, that little “Gluten Free” label is necessary, and offers peace of mind that you know you won't be ill within an hour of eating something.

    And forget eating out, even places that say they offer gluten free alternatives can be Russian roulette.

    As always, love you to bits Scoobs.

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