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Gluten-free Buttermilk Biscuits from Scratch! // Sans Gluten

Today we’re making gluten-free buttermilk biscuits from scratch using Bob’s Red Mill. Ever since my husband found out he was gluten-intolerant back in 2015 …

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  1. So excited to see the rest of this series! Love seeing you and Mr. Hallease in vids (: Hope y'all are doing well with the self-isolation/quarantine. I live in Texas, too 😡

  2. 4:09 When I made biscuits back in cookin school, we'd cut the butter with a chefs knife straight out of the freezer. We used ice water instead of cold water, and we'd soak our hands in ice before and during the mixing. The longer the butter stays solid, the flakier the biscuit will be.

  3. My son is GF and I’m always looking for bomb GF recipes. Y’all know how much of a struggle that can be! That’s what I’m super excited about this channel! 💙

    Also, have y’all tried Pamelas GF brand? It’s one of my favorites! Pamelas and Bob Mills are my top two go to for GF cooking.

  4. This is amazing!! I just discovered your main channel, and found out you have this channel too??? I've been gluten free for years and I need this in my life!!

  5. Is it weird that I enjoy seeing you struggle and have uncertain moments in the kitchen just like I do😅 because who has time to try out the same recipe over and over to get it perfect? 👍 to "lack of professionalism" and realness 😊

  6. …Sometimes I use a wire wisk instead of a fork to cut butter into my flour. It clumps at first but it eventually becomes crummy as intended…not sure if that's a pro tip either, but hey…thanks for the video!

  7. I’m getting the vibe that Chris is uncomfortable being in the camera. Otherwise, great video. Then biscuits be looking tasty. I’ll love to see a vegan version of this recipe since I consume plant based diet and don’t often bake baked goods.

  8. I'm so excited about this channel. I've been thinking about not having so much gluten to see how I would feel. How did you know you were gluten sensitive??

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