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Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Making cupcakes Gluten Free is not as difficult as you might think. This recipe is SO simple and results in a cupcake just as moist and delicious as a regular …

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  1. My wheat & buckwheat intolerant daughter is thrilled with these!! What a clever recipe… they taste so perfect that we don’t need to make the gluten version ever again! 🥰😍
    Thank you

  2. Made this today and it is absolutely delicious! So fluffy and I love that the cake is sorta salty / tangy as it balances out with the sweetness of the topping really nicely. Thank you for this recipe. Please do more gf options on the channel.

  3. What brand vanilla extract is best to buy…. I always seem to buy liquids ones, yours looks really thick. Also it’s used a lot, but very expensive… please help 🙏🏼

  4. Hi Jemma and Sally I made your red velvet cake the other day but frosted the whole thing in cream cheese frosting it was wanted for the next day so I kept it in the fridge overnight did this cause the cake to be quite dense? As when the sponge layers were cooled they were very light and fluffy. How should I store a frosted cake? To keep it light and moist? Love your recipies thank you

  5. Hello, I have a baking question for the bakers out there. I've got a bag of egg white powder. Was wondering if I can use it to make meringue for macaron?

  6. I have a quick question i need to cover three 10 inch cakes with buttercream and want to know which one would be best to use and make in bulk plz (swiss buttercream, American buttercream, or basic buttercream).

  7. So I made these as Jos Luis style mini-cakes (canadian snack cakes, i used silicone egg rings).

    I had to use Bob's Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour (not the 1 for 1) because Dove wasn't cost effective.

    They have a great texture and flavour. They're a little more crumbly than a regular cake i had to be more gentle. But they came out good.

  8. Id love it if you could do a gluten free victoria sponge and chocolate sponge. My boyfriend is coeliac and I love baking but need better recipes. So happy you posted this just a shame he doesn't like red velvet. Xx

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