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Goan Green Beef Curry Recipe | Beef Curry Green | Authentic Goan Recipes | Beef Recipes

Highly Requested Recipe – How to easily cook Goan Green Beef Curry | Green Beef Curry Recipe ▻ Delicious and popular goan green beef curry is made with …

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  1. Tried this for the first time today and it came out so delicious. Just like the way my mom and sister make it. Love all your recipes ❤

    Just wanted to know, can this be made with mutton too? If there are additional ingredients can you show a recipe for green mutton curry too. Thanks & God bless!

  2. Your recepie I tried are good and tasty. 🙏 Thanks alot. God bless you abundantly.
    I want to ask you how many whistles do we have to give for cooking beef in the cooker.

  3. Hi Fatima, my late mum used to make a porridge using Goan black jaggrey, sweet potato, I don't remember the other ingredients used. If you know about it's recipe, could you make a video and share it. Thanks & Regards, Jude

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