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Gordon Ramsay Immediately Spits Out Vegetarian Dish | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE

Gordon Ramsay struggles with a vegetarian restaurant. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon’s channels: …

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  1. Gordon gives a bad name to an honorable profession. This is all BS in the real world of restaurants. No one would work for anyone like this. He just knows how to cook food people, Get over him. He is a fucking prick.

  2. Oh my god what a damn shame. That restaurant was perfect! India is the best chef I have seen on this show, and Rachel just went and squandered that. She had the chance to be very successful and all she needed was a slight bit of passion in what she was doing.

  3. Rachel is exactly why you shouldn't give your children what they didn't earn themselves. They will just piss it all away. You could tell that she didn't enjoy running a restaurant, that her father gave her, from the very beginning. She just wanted the restaurant just so she didn't seem like a spoiled adult who had nothing to do in life.

  4. and this is what happens when kids are spoiled and given everything on a silver platter … lazy entitled no passion . it was nice to see Gordon running the entire restaurant its a lot of work

  5. Typical f**** millennial walk off the job because they get any little bit of criticism there abused. She should never go back to that job either she better go find a safe pace

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