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Gordon Ramsay Makes a Spicy Vegan Dish????

Gordon loves some heat, just ask Sean Evans on the Hot Ones! Today he’s taking cauliflower, bringing some heat and making a …

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  1. Love Gordon & his recipes, going to make this tonight…… the rice was mentioned at the beginning in the ingredients list , then wasnt used , obviously I 'll cook it alongside but just saying

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  4. Hm, I have to be critical once again. Not about this recipe as such, but about the fact every time there's a vegan/vegeterian recipe, it's always cauliflower. I don't understand why with such vast richness of vegan ingredients in existence we are getting so monothematic.

  5. 2 things Gordon hates. Vegan and spice. Three things Gordon loves. Himself. Fame. Sensationalism. Edited to say…. If he had put a fraction of effort into his family as he has f*cking food…… sigh. Life would be different.

  6. just to clarify. those pans that he uses are suppose to be non-stick and scratch resistant but they aren't lets say they are just plain old $#1T, dont buy

  7. Ya gordon ur making 70 million $ a year?????? I would change my wife and not only the decoration of the staged restaurants u visit dear. Man ur hideous
    It's a perfect act ur performing 4 the public. Money is what ur seeking and money is what ur getting mate

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