Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Ramsay Around the World

While in Australia, Gordon visited the most amazing cheesemaker in Tasmania who’s making cheese illegally in his home! After tasting the local cheeses, …

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  1. At first I thought everyone in the comments are just a bit harsh towards him but after watching it…

  2. I am disgusted in you Gordon Ramsay I have made better grilled cheese sandwiches when I was 10 how dare you disgrace a grilled cheese sandwich like this

  3. Gordon! You just made an idiot sandwich!

    Uncle Roger: Kimchi? Haiyaaaaaa…..
    Comments: it's not even melted

    "Grilled"….cooks it open face, in a skillet until it's burnt.

    Nicholas Cage: How'd it get burned? How'd it get burned?! How did it get burned?!!

  4. I don’t think Gordon realized he had an actual oven in that location. Notice how he mentions the oven but immediately changes it to “the fireplace.” That sandwich was meant to be done in the oven not a fireplace and I think he realized that a bit late.

    The problem with that fireplace is that he can’t regulate the temperature of the heat; that’s why ovens exist. When it comes to grilled cheese, low heat is the way to go. This was just a disaster of a sandwich and I wouldn’t have posted this video.

  5. Terrible, shocked at this Gordon. I have to say Jamie Oliver’s is by far the better one of the two. Bloody cheese isn’t even melted mate!! Burnt bread as well, it’s a cheese sandwich with half block of cheese on unmelted with burnt toast haha bloody hell Gordon.

  6. Well, the bread is burnt. The cheese has hardly melted. So all in all, this is not a very good grilled cheese sandwich. It would have been better, if he a) used a cheese with a lot more moisture b) used bread that's actually suitable for a grilled cheese sandwich (usually toast) and c) used a more even heat source, like , i don't know…. a stove maybe?

    This sure is fancy, but it isn't a grilled cheese sandwich. It's just burnt bread with great cheese on it.

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