Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Guide To Salads & Fruits | Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon shows of his ultimate guide to salads & fruits, including a green papaya salad, a roasted red pepper & lentil salad and a raspberry mille-feuille …

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  1. Me: What the fuck did he do to that garlic putting it in the oven !!!

    Me(30 secs later) : holy shit !!! This guy is my GURU!!! I’m sorry again GURUJI GORDON !!!!!

    This man deserves respect and love, for the love of god and the love of food, Period. He is a mad max, food-tripping, crazy devil of “food-loving-monster” from God’s heaven. Gordon Ramsey – you’re not just a uniform-wearing, pretentious, arrogant chef from tv. You have gotten into food from every part of this world , researched everything— every fucking thing about food !! and, you’re not afraid to experiment !!! You’re the rat from ratatouille !! You’re the real deal !! I am a FANBOY for life SIR Gordon Ramsey !!! You’re more than a “chef” you’re the MESSIAH of food !! I love you !! God bless your soul !! You are so underrated even with all your popularity !!!! Love you love you love you and love your ELIXIR OF LIFE – FOOOOD!!!!

  2. Anyone else picturing the farmer eating watercress for every meal? There's pineapple watercress, lemon watercress, coconut watercress, pepper watercress, watercress soup, watercress stew, watercress salad, watercress and potatoes, watercress burger, watercress sandwich. That- that's about it…Anyway, like I was sayin', watercress is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it.

  3. I love Gordon's work but I already had a small panic attack watching this I don't know why he makes me feel that way but I love it can't wait to get back to work

  4. Thank you for bringing your skills to Youtube. I enjoy watching you prepare the foods with such precision and presentation!

  5. Love how this features raw garlic often, one of the most anti-viral things you can injest when raw [alliscin] thanks you dr ramsay 😀

  6. "You can get these ingredients at your local asian shop, or big grocery store."

    Me living in the middle of nowhere: "…….. well, fuck…."

  7. Dear Father in Heaven
    Please forgive me
    But this man is more than intriguing me.
    Accent´ in an Apron
    & Passion for preparation of
    life saving dishes🌾
    I can't take it…………..
    Guess I'll have to stop viewing.

  8. As a 40 year old who celebrated 19 months of sobriety last month I've been looking for a hobby and I'm dying to learn how to cook legitimately. I started 'following' Gordon a couple of months ago and I'm hooked. I want to make a delicious meal with some cooking skills.

  9. i love how Ramsey shares his secrets instead of holding them I love it my wife and I made so many of chefs dishes I know some of them by heart I made gordans Christmas ham and I recommend it to everyone

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