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GordoTEK Organic Chemistry A/B Extraction with FAQ (2020 edition, BEST method DMT extraction)

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  1. I'm sure you've heard of lazymans tek, but what are the benefits of doing your tek? Higher purity? Higher yield? Both? Which method would you prefer to someone with little resources/time and who wants to lower any risks of unwanted intervention during the porcess?

  2. just recently found the channel love your work plz consider doing an alcohol extraction on cacti there are also various other processes to get pure alkaloids but including the alcohol extraction would help my friend SWIM because some countries don't have access chemicals necessary. Also the special cacti are abundant all over the world because the are sold as house plants in many gardening stores.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful video, it is really nice to have detailed video about every step of the process, can you please tell me if i can use coleman fuel aka ( Naphtha (/ˈnæpθə/ or /ˈnæfθə/) a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture) the blue VM&P is not available in Europe so can we use any liquid hydrocarbon mixture to do the pull ?

  4. Im from south east asia, I do have one question, where can I find these mimosa hostilis root bark? Im planning this way onward.. guess I will countinue on my search for it.

  5. Gordo thank you so much! I cannot even express how grateful I am, I AM LITERALLY IN TEARS! You are the TEACHER! Thank you for this knowledge I WILL SPREAD IT!!! I was gonna post this comment on your second track list and then I realized it’d do much better over here, wait actually it’d do much better everywhere! WOW! HARMONY

  6. The video: this is for safety and harm reduction
    Also the video: Make sure to get every last drop! Each drop is precious

    lol dope vid tho

  7. Hey Gordo, I am using Acacia confusa root bark…after adding water and vinegar to acidify the bark I performed a defat step and I chose to run the bark mix through a filter to remove the plant oil saturated solvent..i am afraid upon doing this I also removed the water that was saturated with DMT salts as the bark is now dry after defatting ..but the solvent/water/vinegar that filtered out is dark red with a thin layer of oil floating on top. I have not disposed of this mix. I have added more water to defatted bark mix and basified. I will do my first pull today but am afraid losing the original water/vinegar mix during defat will impact the pull. I still have the original water/solvent/oil mix but am unsure whether or not to discard this…could I remove the oil layer and add this mix back to the root bark if my succeeding pulls yield low?

  8. 1 kg Calcium Hydroxide Powder Ca(OH)2 pure 90% – hydrated lime – slaked lime – caustic lime – pickling lime – Is this a good replacement for the pickling lime you get in the US?

  9. On the last of the video you mentioned if im not wrong, that the calcium hydroxide will get more out it the second pull, do we have to re-use calcium hydroxide at each pull? Sorry for asking

  10. For those of you in the U.K. struggling to source Naptha, take yourself down to your local home Bargains, b&m, Poundland and look for the little 100ml tins of ‘Swan’ lighter fluid, it’s naptha.

  11. Loving your voice, the "right" level of chemistry, your emphasis on safety and pretty much everything about your videos.
    Everything that is apart from one tiny improvement suggestion that I may be allowed to make.
    As a colour blind viewer, some of the overlayed text is very difficult, if not impossible, to read and could be improved with a different colour font.
    Thanks for everything and may the entities bless you in all your endeavours.

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