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Gravitas Plus: Is your health food healthy?

Don’t fall prey to false advertising. Watch this episode of GravitasPlus with WION’s Palki before spending a fortune of overpriced ‘health’ foods. The health and …

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  1. Well, 1. Our wheat and cow milks today is not like those of our ancestors. They are mass-produced or steroids-injected, and stripped off of their natural nutrients. 2. Several studies and doctors themselves found that incremental changes in our diet revitalizes our health bec their patients ate or go cold turkey on refined, processed food. 3. Good lab results, physical appearance are evident in those who practiced eating a balanced, plant-based diet which is what humans in the early ages used to do anyways.

  2. very well said on this industry. only two points i disagree is on milk and seeds. We don’t need to drink another animal’s milk to survive. Almond milk can be made at home as a substitute. Milk has big role to play in diabetes which is a pandemic in its own right. Seeds are very nutritious. They offer more calcium than milk.

  3. This is good stuff
    Food is really important to talk about
    It impacts as more than anything we debate about. Our health, social health & environmental health.

  4. I eat everything I fancy and because I do it in moderation and exercise a bit all the above doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on me. All claims made by scientists and companies are bulshit and I always ignore them.

  5. Here is my logic: Now when the market is flooded with so called healthy foods the average life expectancy of humans has decreased drastically. It has become so severe that if a person touches the age of 90 it's declared as if that person is from an ancient civilization although at one point in history a normal human could have easily crossed 100 if not killed by someone. Now people at 60 talk as if they are getting their expiry date anytime soon.

  6. Yes lets all be more enlightened and aware. But Advertising has caught us all for as long as I can remember. Then we develop habits and traditions. I would want more more facts to make better and informed choices.

  7. Sometimes we dont know what to belive i say just beilive In God and pray for our health pray when drink our water and thank God we have water and food. I just try and eat what body is happy with and i go toilet i drink full fat milk. Eat natural stuff God made fruites on trees nuts veg stuff that grows im scared because soon they will close all supermarkets and preserve food under ground to keep it alive wirh fals uv light because soon people will turn into robots. I want wat God made and eat what he provided and some excersise

  8. Namaste gosh this presenter deserves award from our queen shes amazing. If we were eating these healthy foods why cant our bodies fight covid19 and other dieses. Parnam and thank you for these logical words love you so much i wish you were in my country .

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